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ok I have decided to write another story. It has a part two. oh and so you know this is NOT the romantic part or the sad one. that's in part two.every story needs a start.

ok so here you have the story. read it and love theres nothing else to say but I have to write 150 words. im on 118.ok so bye. have a great day.

Created by: lindseyt

  1. This is a story of two teenagers. There names are Abigail and Andrew. Abigail has white blonde hair and brown eyes flecked with gold. Andrew has light brown hair with forest green eyes.
  2. Abigail was walking to her math class, when she saw Andrew. He will never notice me she thought he is so cool and im a total geek. Her best friend Alyssa saw her staring at him,just go talk to him.but what do I say to him? Just go say hi.Abigail looked over at him, maybe later she told Alyssa.
  3. After school Abigail decided to say hi to Andrew. She walked over to him nervously. Hi she said. Andrew looked at her and said do I know you? Abigail looked at him one last time and ran away
  4. Abigail ran home and threw herself on her bed. She decided to call Alyssa. Andrew dosent even know me she told Alyssa what am I supposed to do?
  5. THE END
  6. ok I don't know maybe I will do part two maybe not.
  7. I just don't know yet
  8. I know this isn't sad or that romantic that's in part two maybe
  9. so until part two maybe
  10. good bye

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