Are You a True Ghost?

There are many bands out there like Paramore, Echosmith, and The Neighboorhood just to name a few, but do you know emo bands like Black Veil Brides, Panic at the Disco, and Areosmith? What about... GHOST TOWN?

Are you a true ghost? Do you buy the shirts from Hot Topic? Do you listen to both their albums? Do you watch the speed paintings? Then test your fangirl knowledge by taking this first ever Ghost Town quiz on GoToQuiz! =^-^=

Created by: Scinon The Game Freak

  1. Okay, let's start with something easy, what are the names of the Ghost Town band members? (stage names)
  2. Okay, another easy one, what is the name of their first album?
  3. Who is their official artist?
  4. Okay, the next five questions are going to be name that song; "Purple smoke and candy skulls, colors bleeding through the walls"
  5. "These weights are tied up to my legs, sinking lifeless has never felt so peaceful"
  6. "Watch how your beauty fades and evil shines through"
  7. "Don't don't don't call me maybe, I don't play those games"
  8. This one's a though one (bwah ha ha) "I've always slept in white sheets 'cause I'm ready to die for you"
  9. When did Ghost Town begin and what was their first song?
  10. Does Hot Topic sell Ghost Town T-Shirts?
  11. Who is Leda Monster Bunny, and how does she know Ghost Town?

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