Get to know! Will you survive at Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games that written by Suzzane Collins will bring you to the ocean of imagination, free your soul to the fantasy world. we see Panem, world of lies, and all the story about a girl with heart, Katniss Everdeen.

Sometimes we think what happened if this world, our world turn to such a misery like Panem? will you survive? can you pass the Hunger Games? well, take this quiz and get to know! and 'May the odds be ever in your favor'

Created by: TearOfSun

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  1. today is Hunger Games day. everyone in their own. when your name called and all the eyes turn to you, you are...
  2. here you are, in the walking train with your district partner and mentors, going to the Capitol. you should...
  3. Your district partner was told you that she/he will act like a blood-thristy monster to get career's attention. you are...
  4. you realize that one of your mentor is an annoying dumb that won because of luck. how will you treat him?
  5. you don't know what happenned early, but you're free to choose your outfit for Opening as long it's match with your partner district's.
  6. welcome to the Training Centre. decide.
  7. when you're training, a girl that from district 11 throw you a knife. you're success to dodge. she say sorry but seems mysterious.
  8. you've got a free time for one day. what would you do?
  9. with Caesar Flickerman, watched by a million people, you have to use your plan. act like...
  10. oops, don't forget about your score! to get the highest score at gamemakers' eyes, you have to...
  11. the game is begin. you're send to the arena : an abandoned village. you can see Cornucopia, is a large swimming pool, more or less than 20 feet in front of you. the good news is there's no careers near you. 60, 50, 40, countdown going to 0.
  12. you're hiding somewhere and hear a moan, call your name in pain. you know it's your district partner, holding a bag in his/her hand and dying near you. what will you do?
  13. after the bloodbath, you have to choose your next step.
  14. you checked your bag and there's a knife, a bottle of water, and a slice of bread. you're low of supplies.
  15. you found a big farm. when you're looking at the bulding, suddenly a mutan cow is jumping at you!
  16. at night, you meet a 12 years old girl-tribute from district 6-sleeping in a small house. what's the step?
  17. you're tired and need some rest. which one is the safe place for you to sleep?
  18. the second day. you have one knife and running out of food and water. you decide to go to...
  19. an attack for you as your breakfast. your enemy is well prepared with good weapons. you will...
  20. whatever happen, he catch you and now is asking for an alliance strategy. you...
  21. there's a bottle of milk, you found it in a small house. the smell is horrible.
  22. with a 20 inch sword, food and supplies for several days, you're fine. you remember what your mentor said : "when you need a sponsor, just say and i'll send you".
  23. you're walking behind the bushes when suddenly you hear a scream. it's careers and their prey.
  24. you're following them and now you're in careers' camp. they have a small well there.
  25. after some fight, you're bleeding in the arm. it's a career who threw you a spear. now she's dying in front of you and you have her spear.
  26. for a few days you're walking alone but you don't feel alright. a moan, a shadow, and the air make you feel uncomfortable.
  27. horse mutant want to bring you and the other tributes to the Cornucopia. you're running and jump to the pool like the others did.
  28. you lost of conscious. when you open your eyes, there's a boy from antoher district and he's in pain like you.
  29. he's good at close combat range. the good news is you have all you need around you (it's Cornucopia, remember?).
  30. after a hard fight, you win with all your pain that caused of the last fight.
  31. Boom. "The winner of this year is (call your name)!".

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Quiz topic: Get to know! will I survive at Hunger Games?