Fresh Obsessed Quiz II

How many of you know all about A&P store 621? D you know all the inside jokes and jargon? You better, if you don't Breakfast hands will pay you a greasy visit while you sleep. OH GOD!

Here is your (not you're) chance to prove you know good ol' 621. Do you know who "can't sell him all those rolls" Or what Piqua is? Stop reading this stuff and just ytake the quiz already. Tee-hee.

Created by: Mike

  1. Who's badge currently hangs high above the manager picture board?
  2. "Jimmy, why would you say that" is a phrase commonly said by...
  3. A&P employees get several nicknames, who is Breakfast Hands?
  4. What is the widest aisle in the store?
  5. What is Piqua?
  6. "You can't sell him all those rolls!" is a phrase made famous by...
  7. What is the good bad word?
  8. Bundy Boat 46 was taken over by dairy and renamed what.
  9. Which of the music stations causes the most uproar when it is put on?
  10. On phones without a "page" button, what code activates the PA system?
  11. This produce clerk is always willing to tell you his latest conspiracy theory.
  12. "I wasn't trying to get in her pants, I was just trying to __________" is what Will says after a girl gets him in trouble.

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