Favorite video game music?

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Thread Topic: Favorite video game music?

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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    I have a huge list.

    Here's my Undertale List!

    Hotlands Theme: Another Medium
    Favorite Boss Theme: ASGORE
    Second Favorite Boss Theme: Death by Glamour
    Cuteish Sans Theme: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
    Tough Sans Theme: Megalovania


    His Theme

    Then there's this set of songs which are the hAPPIEST OF THEM ALL AND GIVES YOU SO MUCH DETERMINATION

    Hopes and Dreams

    SAVE the World

    What about you?
  • Any kind of Star Wars music is my favorite.
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    zeronightshade Advanced
    Uematsu's work. The Megaman music, and Sakuraba's work.
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    1714 Senior
    The Earthbound Soundtrack.
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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    Oh, boy. This is gonna be a long list..

    Space (Console edition.)
    Plantera battle
    Glowing mushrooms
    and Wall of Flesh battle.

    Too many to name, so top 10:
    10: Green Hill Zone (Any iteration.)
    9: Flying Battery Zone act 1
    8: Crisis City (06.)
    7: Through the Fire (Black Knight.)
    6: Open your Heart (Adventure and Generations.
    5: Crisis City (Modern.)
    4: I am.. All of Me.
    3: Live and Learn.
    2: Believe in Myself. (Adventure.)
    And #1 is: Fight the Knight. (Black Knight.)

    Toreador March (Music box.)

    Earthbound Soundtrack.

    Song of Time, and Storms.
    Lost woods.
    Ganon boss battle. (Ocarina.)

    Undertale Soundtrack.

    Smash Bros:
    Together we ride.
    Ryu theme. (Remix.)

    Street Fighter (Any):
    Guile, Ken, and Ryu's theme.

    Zombies: Top 5
    5: Beauty of Annihilation (WaW and BOIII.)
    4: Where Are We Going? (Mob of the Dead.)
    3: Carrion. (TranZit.)
    2: We All Fall Down. (Die Rise.)
    1: Three way tie of Rusty Cage (Love Johnny Cash!) , Archangel, and Shepherd of Fire.
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    d_h Junior
    Dark pits theme (kid Icarus)
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    Adding to mine. The Odin Sphere ost is good.

    Oboro Muramasa has a good ost as well.
  • Almost anything on geo dash

    [no urls]
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    Here are some of my current favourites from games that I've played recently:

    Tales of Zestiria:
    Flaming Bonds are Being Tested
    Melody in Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist
    Competing with the Honor of the Land
    Fight Between the Wind and the Blinking Sky
    Uphold Your Will with a Sword in Hand

    Xenoblade Chronicles X:
    Wir fliegen
    Black Tar
    The way
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    sademogirl Advanced
    Sorry I can't be a good child
    Crossing field
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Back To The China Metal Slug X

    (f--- you Dark, THIS song fills you with some f---ing determination) Monster Hunter Theme Monster Hunter (all games)
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    godofminecraft56 Advanced
    Mindcraft : f--- me like you do
    Miencamf craft: Hitler national anthem
    My suk dick: suk it like you do
    That's all.
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    1714 Senior
  • littlebunny27 Newbie
    Undertale is literally the best game of all time in my opinion. I seriously can't stop playing it. I think I'm gonna make an undertale quiz! It has the best soundtrack, best choice of characters, best puns, best jokes, and it has my favorite style of graphics ()
  • DANK MEMES Newbie
    All Mario & Luigi Games have amazing music Hotline Miami & Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

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