Super Smash Bros.

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Thread Topic: Super Smash Bros.

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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    From all of the games.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Experienced
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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    ... Cloud's not in Smash.
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    timothy4444 Advanced
    Maybe he was talking about Sheik from Xenoblade?
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    *Shulk (sorry, I had to. I'm a Xenoblade nerd)

    My mains are Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Robin, and Shulk.
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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    Total tie of Four:
    #4 Me. (Mii Brawler, and Sword)-Smash 4.
    #3 Snake-SSBB.
    #2 Fox-All.
    #1 Tie between Sonic-Brawl and Wii U, and Roy-Melee, and Wii U.
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    absol heart Senior
    Mega man, sonic, shiek, and I kinda main Duck Hunt Dog.
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    zeronightshade Advanced
    My main man Link.
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    AllHailLelouch Advanced
    Kirby and pichu, and I kick a$$ believe it or not
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    Zelda fanatic16 Advanced
    1: Link
    2: Ganondorf
    3: Lucina
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    Roboticlus Prime Experienced
    1. Mario
    2. Bowser
    3. Sonic
    4. R.O.B
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    Have to redo mine now. From best to third best:

    Link, Ness, Captain Falcon.
    Link, Young Link, Roy.
    Link, Ike, Toon Link.
    Project M:
    Ike, Roy, Link.
    Ike, Link, Ganondorf.
    Wii U:
    Roy, Ike, Link.
  • PizzaManX Newbie
    My main is Pac-Man
  • gamerx Newbie
    toon link
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    Marceline 101 Junior
    samus\zero suit
    dark pit

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