Any chess players here?

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Thread Topic: Any chess players here?

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    Orange Fusion Novice
    Chess is a tough thing. But that's why its addictive.
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    absol heart Junior
    SCREW CHESS! i play checkers and stratego.
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    Viktor Experienced
    Chess is about strategy.I like making a strategy and then operate it.If it works it feels really awesome.
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    ange Junior
    Chess isn't a sport :P
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    xXGirXx Junior
    Actually, it is a sport. Although, more a mind sport rather than physical. Which is good cause I'm not one to be physical xD
  • SmartB Newbie
    chess is awesome and i love it
  • Reason Newbie
    I love chess
  • iwfku Newbie
    It ain no sport its just a game
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    DeathStar321 Experienced
    I play chess and people say I'm good at it since I like playing against an 11th grader. She's the best chess player in my school and I can sometimes hold my own against her. Once I almost beat her. But I don't think I'm very good
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    Dark22978 Senior
    Yeah. Sometimes.
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    Slim_t Advanced
    I f---ing love chess.
  • quizmasters Newbie
    I am not well in chess but i try to play.
  • TaliaBEth1234 Newbie
    Im in my school's chess club.{err...does it count as a club when only one other person is there?}

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