The Real Cryptids of New Transylvania

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Thread Topic: The Real Cryptids of New Transylvania

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    S_E_ Senior
    Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means! Time to tune in to everybody's favorite show, The Real Cryptids of New Transylvania! Fans everywhere tune in to see their favorite cryptids interact and get up to general shenanigans!

    So the format is this: Everyone chooses their own cryptid to control(the weirder the better), who are all living in a Victorian mansion in the city of New Transylvania in a reality show setting(think Real Housewives). They've already been living there for a while, which saves us the nitty-gritty introductory phase and let's us get straight into the gossip as each cryptid lives together and does their own weird thing.

    Character sheet:

    Nickname:(Not necessary)
    Appearance:(It might be best to link an image for this one if possible)
    Background info:(A good place to share Lore)
    Weird Habits:
    What are they up to:

    I would also like to do confessionals! If anyone's seen a reality TV show you know they're the best part. I don't know if these are things people would like to do at their leisure every few posts or if we should do them all at the same time, so maybe sound off on that?

    Anyone can join, just check in with what cryptid you'd like first! Have fun! 🦉👻🎃🖤🍬🕷🕸🦇
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    Is it possible for me to join as the Mokele-mbembe?
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    S_E_ Senior
    Please do! I love spirit reptiles!
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    Alright, give me a minute.
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    Cryptid: Mokele-mbembe
    Nickname: Mok
    Background info: Mok is an ancient creature of legend from The Congo and Cameroon. Mok's name means "the one who stops the flow of rivers" which is weird because he's never done that. Mok has had numerous and documentaries made about him about as famous as the Loch Ness Monster. He has been used as arguments time and time again by creationists for evidence against evolution.
    Personality: He's a little slow in the head but he's not stupid, he's pretty brave and likes to be helpful, He can be pretty clumsy though so don't trust him around delicate things
    Weird Habits: He likes to pepper his speech with French terms and if you make him mad, he will cuss you out in French, as a prank, he will use his tail as a whip to whip the air next to someone while they're sleeping, not only scaring them but making them deaf for a little bit.
    What are they up to: I'm not sure what to put here
    Other: Mok is a vegetarian, the only meat product he will eat is eggs
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Can I join as the wendigo?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    May I please have Mothman and the jersey devil?
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    S_E_ Senior
    Yep! You're both greenlit!
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Cryptid: Wendigo
    Nickname: Wendy (I'm aware it's a girl's name)
    Appearance: I drew an image :D
    Background info: Wendigo stories originated in Algonquian Native American folklore. The legends say that they live in colder areas, the legends say that they have an insatiable hunger for human flesh.. though it's not entirely all true to for Wendy. He certainly enjoys meat in general, but he thinks most humans nowadays are "too full of artificial trash" for his style. No matter how much Wendy eats he is always hungry, so he has taken to cooking most of the meals in the mansion. Wendy also does indeed love the cold weather, if it's too hot Wendy's nose will bleed sporadically
    Personality: Joking, good humored, spontaneous. He is fun to be around and he is very helpful and good at giving advice. Kind of the fun mom of the group. He's also smart, logical, and strategical.
    Weird Habits: He has a secret puppet stash (Wendy is good at mimicking voices and ventriloquism), sometimes he hunts at like 3am, likes to say old native indian phrases
    What are they up to: Making pre-dinner (he makes like 9 meals a day but never gains a pound)
    Other: Wendy is hella tall. He usually scrunches down so you barely notice it, but when he stretches out his legs he's like 10 feet
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Cryptid: Mothman
    Nickname:(Not necessary) Mothy
    Appearance:(It might be best to link an image for this one if possible) I will draw a picture later sorry but they are 7’ tall with a ten foot wingspan.
    Background info:(A good place to share Lore) Mothman is actually a harmless trickster, Mothman didn’t cause any tragic events, that was propaganda implied by the men in black. Mothman did nothing wrong :(
    Personality: Mothman is very kind, and always willing to listen. They are soft cryptid hours, they ended up on the show by accident? Likely after screwing with filming equipment. Mothman is pretty hyper.
    Weird Habits: L A M P
    What are they up to: Posting on tumblr and having their own fandom.
    Other: I love them

    Cryptid: the jersey devil
    Nickname:(Not necessary) DJ
    Appearance:(It might be best to link an image for this one if possible) I will draw them
    Background info:(A good place to share Lore) Child of Satan, likes fire a bit too much. Big troll.
    Personality: honestly golden hearted. Acts edgy. Pink soft cryptid.
    Weird Habits: tugging people’s legs ehile they swim, scrawling satanic and mildly threatening messages on walls, and scratching gospel into trees. Vandalism
    What are they up to: arson probably
    Other: skree
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    S_E_ Senior
    Mothy was probably forcebly brought onset by producers with a giant L A M P

    I'll post mine in a little bit
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    S_E_ Senior
    Cryptid: Dökkálfar
    Nickname: Dökk
    Appearance: Black skin, almost translucent, and long white translucent hair. Very skinny, wears long ripped robes/dresses that would look beautiful if they weren't so tattered.
    Background info: Dökkálfar are Nordic Darkness Elves that live underground. They're pretty much blamed for everything from tangles in hair, to paralysis, to disease in cattle, and are said to be the bringers of nightmares.
    Personality: Very bitter, hates it when other people are happier than she is. She has no mercy, no respect for others, and is Very Elitest.
    Weird Habits: Will cause general mayhem at her leisure(mostly just small things like raising bumps to make people trip or such, but will occasionally do bigger things), likes to mope around the house.
    What are they up to: Causing nightmares for people and trolling people on socialize media.
    Other:She also hates the sun and will the That Person™ with the giant umbrella at the beach.

    Cryptid: Kraken
    Nickname: Krackie
    Appearance: Squid uwu
    Background info: Giant squid with sightings dating back to the 13th century, said to attack ships.
    Personality: Actually super sweet and chill until you piss him off.
    Weird Habits: For convenience's sake, would anyone object to the Kraken being able to change size at will? It's just a little easier than having a giant squid stick in, like, a huge underground swimming pool or the like. Also probably not too good with personal space.
    What are they up to: Just chilling, runs a popular lifestyle blog
    Other: Doesn't really talk, makes cute noises. He's kinda more like the trope of the unconventional family pet. But he can type!
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Wait can I please make a third character whose just a suburban white mom named karen?
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    S_E_ Senior
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    S_E_ Senior
    Oh yeah I forgot one too lol

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