The Worst Roleplay in Existence

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Thread Topic: The Worst Roleplay in Existence

  • (my character is an MS, and also an OC, if I understand correctly.)
    Name: Livaria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: A breed of half elf, half human, that has a special type of blood called type Z blood that makes her super powerful, and SUPER delicious
    Franchise: My own
    Class: MS?
    Looks: Long Blue-silver hair, red eyes when angry, green when not
    Wears: Greek-style chiton with silver belt, long silver earrings, and lace-up greek style leather boots
    Abilities: Can turn invisible, read palms, control magnets, hover, and immobilize enemies (minor shape shifting)
    Weaknesses: Bugs, pain, anger
    Personality: Self absorbed (slightly), confident, kind of scary at times, but nice once you get to know her
    Bio: Been pursued by monsters trying to eat her, all the time, shunned by family and both her races, and experimented on by other type Zs who want her power
    Other: Sings, draws and dances in free time, but doesn't know she's good because nobody ever told her
  • (she was pushed through a portal in her story, and is trying to intimidate your characters. She had never communicated with anyone outside of her story, and didn't even know there was anything else. Livaria had fallen through a portal in her story and was trying to figure out what was going on when everyone came out of your portal)
  • (Thank you. I will actually make an FB and MS, if that's ok! The MS is a complete joke, hope that's alright.)

    Name: Angelica Darling

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Franchise: My Own
    Class: MS
    Looks: Angelica is tall and slender, with bright blue eyes, alabaster skin and long golden hair. Her face is heart-shaped and her lips are rosy red, as well as her cheeks. Her hair is usually held back by a silver headband or braided.
    Wears: Fancy clothes; skirts, blouses, pretty shirts and the occational dress. She usually wears earrings or necklaces and applies a LOT of make-up every morning.
    Powers: (if any) Conjuration, item transformation and elemental controll. (Let me know if you need more explanation.)
    Weaknesses: (if any) Her pride
    Weapons: (if any) She sometimes used a wand to enhance her magic, but she usually doesn't need one.
    Personality: Angelica is kind and caring and gets perfect grades. She excels in The Arts. She sings, writes, draws and acts. She does think very highly of herself, she's aware of her beauty and abilities.
    Bio: Um... This character is flatter than a pancake, hopefully it's alright if I don't have one? I can develop her further if you like, just let me know.
    Other: N/A


    Name: Lydia Pearson

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Species: Demigod (Half-god, Half-human)

    Franchise: Percy Jackson

    Class: FB

    Looks: Lydia is medium hight with short brown hair. Her eyes are storm grey, and her skin is tanned. She is fit with long legs. She has a scar on her arm from an injury when she was young. She usually looks very weary, with bags under her eyes and a sad expression.

    Wears: Casual wear, jeans and plain-looking shirts. She doesn't care much for make-up, she thinks it's a waste of time.

    Powers: Sort of? I will explain in the Other section.

    Weaknesses: Her insecurity

    Weapons: Maybe a dagger, only if she absolutely needs it.

    Personality: Lydia may seem reserved and rude at first, but she is kind and considerate once she is comfortable. She loves to read, and is very smart. She is a little sassy. Despite her casual appearance, she cares what people think of her. She is worried she isn't good enough, and is always trying harder. Because of this, she gets little sleep and is always exhausted.

    Bio: Lydia is the daughter of Athena, Godess of Warcraft and Wisdom. Her Mother left back to Mount Olympus when she was born, and Lydia only had her father, William Pearson. After Athena left, William was heartbroken and took it all out on his daughter. He was always telling her she wasn't good enough, that she was stupid and useless. This is the reason for her insecurities. She tries to spend as much time at the Library as possible, away from her Father.

    Other: Despite her Godly parent, Lydia is very much mortal. If you want to know more about Athena, you can look her up. She is a Greek godess. Lydia is very good at strategy and crafting things. She can sew and create things if she has material. She is very good at calculation and uses wits over weapons. She has a lot of development to do throughout the roleplay. Also... I didn't know if they would have parents, but I guess I created the Character and her parents? I can change that if you like.
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    Both of your characters are fine! I'm well aware of percy jackson, it's my all time favorite book series :D You can squeeze into the posting order and go after paige. Since the characters have already traveled to the fantasy realm but haven't done much yet, let's say that a second portal opens up and your two characters fall out, with a note from Hitanaku that states "I did not see these two in my visions at first, but I recently just had another one and I might have mistakenly forgotten to include them. Even the best of us are not perfect. Tread forward, heroes."

    @dangerous rose
    I understand you're new to the forums, and I'm honored that you chose to go to this one first! However, you should know that next time you want to join a roleplay, ask first before posting a character sheet and whatnot ;( there's an order of who goes after who, and posting midway kind of ruins the flow. I'm fine with you joining though! After paige goes, and then reesebuttercup goes, you can go. Unfortunately we'll have to ignore the post you did earlier, hope you don't mind! If you want to keep it the same for when it's your turn just copy and paste.. oh, and welcome to gtq forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask :) )
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    (@Dangerous Rose just a heads up that it's typically better to ask before jumping in)

    Margaret pushed herself up and dusted herself off. "We haven't introduced ourselves, have we? My name is Margaret Fitzpatrick. It's not as.... exotic as some of yours... I see it appears that I'm also the oldest. Although I know how some of you can get."

    "Like what?" Aysa asked, jumping to the ground. "The name's Aysa. That about covers it."
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    (Oh dang Kat I didn't even see your post whoops sorry)
  • (Sounds great! I love that series too Kat. I might have forgotten some of Athena's powers haha. Thanks for letting me join!)
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    Jack said "I am Jack the Vulture, leader of Team Horizon." Freyja said "I am known by more names than I can count, but my name is Freyja and my title is The Fateless One."
  • (ok, super sorry for that. I ask next time)
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    Chlora looked around. She had already introduced herself, and didn't know what to say. Chlora took out a mirror and looked at the color of her hair and eyes. Still healthy. She estimated she had a couple hours before she had to get water and sunlight.
  • Lydia took a deep breath and stepped closer to the portal. The probably crazed Fortuneteller had proclaimed she was a hero, along with a girl that looked like an angel with a make-up addiction. She had thrust a note into Lydia's hands and conjured a portal, urging her to step through.

    It was all so overwhelming and frankly ridiculous. Apparently Lydia, the plain girl who spent her time doing calculations and reading, was a hero. It was laughable at the least. Really, she had no choice. This might mean Lydia would never have to face her Father again. Thrilled by the proposition, she took the few remaining steps and crosed through the Portal.

    Angelica had never been this excited. She was a hero! Of course, it was bound to happen eventually. With her perfect looks, grades and magical abilites, she was a prime candidate. The other girl was questionable, however. What was so special about her, besides the fact that she had a godess for a Mom, and that she was a little bit smart... But her cappearance? Completely unacceptable.

    Angelica sighed. She was going to save the World and the characters, so it was easy to forget about some random little girl. She swaggered through the portal.

    (Was that alright?)
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    (Your post was fine, reese!
    @Dangerous Rose if you're still interested now would be your time to post)
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    (@ Kat they haven't been active since their last post here, maybe we should just continue without them?)
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    (Gang please)
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    (Sorry gang. Since rose is inactive let's pretend her post isn't there for now)

    "I'm Moonyoung," Moonyoung says with a strug, like she was uninteresting. Unbeknownst to the team, she was a world renound boxer and mixed martial artist who could probably knock all of them out with a good punch. She may not have had powers but she was anything but boring.

    Kaiqen nods as everyone says their name, and she looks at Unnamed expectantly. Unnamed shies away from her eyes and hides behind a tree. Kaiqen looks confused.

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