The Worst Roleplay in Existence

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Thread Topic: The Worst Roleplay in Existence

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    katqueen45 Senior
    Welcome to TWRiE. ●●

    This is a facility where every character that has ever been made, drawn, thought up, etc. are collected. You see, you think your characters don't exist? They do. We keep them here.
    There's a section for mary sues (MS), self inserts (SI), actually original (AO), unfinished (U), fandom based (FB), forgotten (F), and professional (P).

    MS - Mary Sue
    These characters are overpowered, perfect, flawless, beautiful, and more often than not, brightly colored. Even the ones made as a joke are kept here.
    SI - Self Inserts
    This section is for the characters who are only made to be inserted into a story, but as the person making the story (Ex: someone writes a Twilight fanfiction and inserts themselves as a character)
    AO - Actually Original
    Actually original characters are few and far between, but they exist. We can't guarantee that they're perfect in terms of character design, but we appreciate them. They're not based on anything, and are completely original.
    U - Unfinished
    Characters who are unfinished. Some don't have a proper backstory, others only have a face designed but not a full body. Either way, they are usually pretty bland in terms of personality.
    FB - Fandom Based
    Characters who fall under the FB category are characters who are kind of original, but they are based from an existing franchise (Ex: Gemsonas based from Steven Universe, or characters with quirks who aren't actually in the My Hero Academia show)
    F - Forgotten
    The saddest characters, unfortunately each character that fades away in a sketchbook somewhere in the real world will also fade away here. The characters in the F category are beginning to fade and will eventually disappear. Almost every character reaches this stage at some point.
    P - Professional
    For characters that are made by professional designers and are in a show, anime, book, comic, etc. They are by far the more popular in our facility.

    Plot ●●
    We're all characters in this magical facility. It's huge, housing every character ever made. Roaming the hallways you can spot Light Yagami, Goku, Princess Bubblegum, and Weiss Schnee (to name a few). Everything's going on okay, but suddenly a large amount of characters dropped down to the Forgotten stage, and they fade away. It seems that something huge, something awful, is happening in the human world. It's up to us, a group of characters from the facility, to travel to the human world and find out what's causing this. It won't be easy, and we'll have to travel to three dimensions before reaching the human one. Can we save the world? A bunch of characters, suddenly brought to life? Will we "meet our makers" in the process, or will we be too late?

    Rules!!! ●●
    •Yes, you can actually make a Mary Sue for once and not be told off 😂😂
    •Any and all characters are allowed to be made. Whether it's your own, someone else's (with their permission), from a show you really like, from a past roleplay, everything is open! All types of species are accepted as well.
    •You can make multiple characters, there is no limit.
    •No one liners
    •You can quit (or fade off all of your characters), just as long as you warn me first
    •As usual (with me atleast), you can join midway as long as you ask first
    •I can reject a character you make (I dunno why I'd do this, but I'm adding it in order to keep atleast a little order)
    •I'm looking forward to the craziness this plot could bring, so don't hold back

    Character sheet ●●
    Franchise: (SU, BNHA, JJBA, etc. Or it can be from a past roleplay, just put the title. If they're not part of a franchise put "My own" or "N/A")
    Class: (MS, SI, F, U, etc.)
    Powers: (if any)
    Weaknesses: (if any)
    Weapons: (if any)

    *I'm not including a pets option, because pets would get their own characters sheet, since they themselves can be counted as separate characters

    ..This is one of those times when I just made a title and went from there. Regardless, this took a lot of typing, please validate my efforts by joining, thanks ○○
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Hoi can i join with 2-3 characters?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    'Course you can, partner!
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Pheonix
    Gender: female? Most of the time?
    Age: unknown
    Species: unknown
    Franchise: my own
    Class: AO
    Looks: Pheonix's appearance is constantly shifting due to her unstable nature, though her most common human form appears to be that of an adult human female with blood red hair and eyes. The only thing that persists through all of her forms the the symbol for chaos on her back, usually between her shoulder blades
    Wears: also verys, but prefers dark coloured clothing when available
    Powers: Pheonix is a shape shifter, and is capable of altering her body to suit the environment as needed. Due to the void matter she is comprised of, she is effectively immortal, and can enter and exit the void at will. In an instance where Pheonix takes enough damage to be 'killed', Pheonix will return to the void to recover.
    Weaknesses: she is very reckless, and often will let her wounds accumulate without care
    Weapons: any natural weapons she forms
    Personality: pheonix is very violent, and enjoys fighting. She has a "fight first ask later" mentality, but oddly enough is very docile around small children
    Bio: Pheonix was created in a lab, along with her twin, Pharaoh. Not much is known other then that, as Pheonix's memory of that time was erased by Pharaoh.
    Other: my original oc

    Name: Captian
    Gender: male
    Age: 2038
    Species: shinigami monster
    Franchise: Undertale AU (Shinigamitale)/ Bleach
    Class: FB
    Looks: normal
    Wears: usually the outfit in the picture, but it will change when he uses the abilitys of his bankai
    Powers: Shikai/Bankai, Hollowfication, and Kido
    Weaknesses: hes not the most sturdy of monsters, mentally or physically. He has several issues stemming from the crack in his skull, including but not limited too: seizures, blackouts, laughing uncontrollably, and his abilitys randomly stopping
    Weapons: his Zanpakuto
    Personality: Captian is a little childish, and doesnt seem to ever take things seriously, but randomly will laps into a much darker mentalstate
    Bio: Due to the circumstances in which he received his Zanpakuto, Captain had originally been banished to his AU's version of Hueco Mundo, where he spent nearly 100 years surviving on anything, or anyone, he could hunt(it has been confermed that Captian has eaten at least 3 other Shinigami, though that number could be much higher). After a civilwar broke out in soul society, Captain was retrieved from Hueco mundo and promoted to captain rank, which is where he gets his multiversal name.
    Other: likes to drink Wasabi
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    May I join this awful roleplay?
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    S_E_ Senior
    Please please please I'm BEGGING you
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Yes and yes 👍
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    Name: The Fateless One (Real Name: Freyja)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Species: Human (Clan: Varani)
    Franchise: Kingdoms of Amalur
    Class: FB & F
    Looks: Black hair tied in a bun in the back, slightly tanned skin, tall slender figure, a white tattoo on the right side of her face that consists of a half circle with three lines in it
    Wears: A suit of armor consisting of: steel helm, shielded cuirass, fortified gauntlets, chausses of fire shield, soothing greaves
    Powers: Fate (at least in her universe) does not affect her, depending on the type of magical weapon wielded, she can create a flurry attack of either ice, fire, wind or electricity, if she gathers enough threads of fate from enemies, she will enter Reckoning mode, a super state that allows her to slow down time around her and kill enemies quicker
    Weaknesses: Using magic will cause her mana to deplete and she can't use magic if she's out of mana, Reckoning mode only lasts for a short amount of time, even less if she uses a fateshift (a sort of fatality move for any enemy)
    Weapons: Warrior's hammer, blistering staff, sometimes uses daggers for stealth kills, steel kite shield
    Personality: Freyja is a stoic kind of lady, always brave and willing to help whoever needs it. She's often a very quiet kind of person, preferring to do, rather than talk
    Bio: Freyja died when she was trying to get Prismere (A rare powerful crystal) for someone. She was resurrected by something called the Well of Souls and was the first and only success of the thing. As they journeyed through their world and help people against the evil Tuatha, she became a hero and defeated their boss Gadflow and returned peace to Amalur
    Other: Don't talk to her about trolls, she really hates them

    Name: Jack the Vulture
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Anthropomorphic Vulture
    Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog
    Class: FB
    Looks: (He's the first picture)
    Wears: Besides the jacket and glasses in the picture, he wears pink wristbands with spikes and red sneakers
    Powers: Enough speed to keep up with Sonic, double jump
    Weaknesses: Like Sonic, he need rings to keep him from dying, while he is a bird, he can't fly
    Weapons: He has a weapon from his universe called a Wispon. These weapons use the power of alien creatures called wisps to use different attacks depending on the type of Wispon. His uses lightning which acts like a whip made of electricity
    Personality: That is a surprise
    Bio: When Dr. Eggman took over the world, Jack was one of the many fighters in The Resistance after his friends were killed by Infinite. He personally worked with Sonic the Hedgehog after he helped save him. After many long and hard battles, they both defeated Eggman and he soon left The Resistance to go his own way and start a new team.
    Other: No lie, I drew and painted those pictures myself.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Alright I have two but feel free to veto either of them

    Name: Margaret Fitzpatrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Franchise: A play I wrote/acted in for school
    Class: Mostly AO, but kinda SI
    Looks: Shoulder length brown hair that she curls, but rather plain looking
    Wears: A dress similar to this but navy blue, with black flats and a string of pearls.
    Powers: In her own reality, she can freeze time and move freely through the location she's in to process her thoughts. However I don't think that would apply to this reality in any useful way, as she can't affect anything during these times.
    Weaknesses: She's emotionally vulnerable and very paranoid.
    Weapons: N/A
    Personality: She's nurturing and very caring, and does everything in her power to make people happy. However she has dreams and even though she's willing to sacrifice them, she always wishes she didn't have to.
    Bio: To make a really long story short, she was depressed and unhappy with her life but because it was the 1960s she was pretty much forced into this "Perfect Housewife" role, so when her husband cheated on her with her sister she snapped and shot him and herself and had to relive a bit of her life. It's kinda confusing because it's all from a play but that's just how it is I guess
    Other: I love her Very Much

    Name: Aysa Jackson
    Gender: Female
    Franchise: My own
    Class: U
    Looks: While this varies, the look always consists of long orange-red hair with brown/orange eyes
    Wears: This also frequently varies, but can be best described as comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, and brown boots. Always brown boots.
    Powers: Depending on where the creator has momentarily decided to place her, Aysa has been seen exhibiting powers such as the ability to control fire, the ability to turn into a fox, or the ability to be partially/fully on fire herself.
    Weaknesses: Because of how frequently her creator changes her mind about Aysa, her powers are never reliable and she can hardly ever control when and how she can use them. If she happens to be on fire, however, water is extremely dangerous to her and could even kill her.
    Weapons: N/A
    Personality: A bit stand-offish, she doesn't typically warm up to people right away and tends to be the Edgy™ type to push people away "for their own good". She also shows casual disregard for the law and the feelings of others.
    Bio: Aysa can never seem to get her backstory straight. One day it's that she was a theif, the next a spirit, the next just a kid who fell on the wrong side of the tracks. Who knows what she'll tell people next, or what the truth is even.
    Other: I've had her for so long and have never been able to decide what to do with her.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Awesome characters guys!!

    Name: Moonyoung Lee
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Franchise: Girls of the Wilds
    Class: P
    Powers: None, but she's a really, really good professional level martial artist who specializes in boxing
    Weaknesses: Her lower defense is weak, multiple kicks to her legs will slow her down
    Weapons: She tries not to use weapons
    Personality: Tough, and grounded. She's sensitive about her weight, even though she isn't as thick as she used to be. She is not afraid to give it to you straight and doesn't have any filters
    Bio: Not much is revealed about her backstory in the webcomic, but she lives with her dad, and he owns a gym
    Other: Level of badassery is off the charts, don't even get me started!!
    I'm about to make more, gimme a sec :)
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Kaiqen Starre
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Troll
    Franchise: Homestuck
    Class: MS, a little SI
    Looks: (she has 17 pupils and she cries blood, yes)
    Powers: Healing, pyrokinesis, possession, illusions, shadow powers, telekinesis
    Weaknesses: Vegemite
    Weapons: She doesn't need 'em
    Personality: Surprisingly chill, though she does tend to overreact to things, and she is oblivious to a lot of things that are obvious unless it's explained to her in detail (especially when people like her)
    Bio: At birth she was cursed with angel and demon powers, which resulted in her blood being white. With white blood, she had no place on the hemospectrum hierarchy, and was abandoned. She survives by stealing and using her powers to trick people.
    Other: This character was made as a joke so please spare me xD atleast she has a purpose now instead of just haunting my art files
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Unnamed
    Gender: Undecided
    Age: Undecided
    Species: Mutant
    Franchise: My own
    Class: U (is it that obvious? XD)
    Looks: Brown hair, they wear a mask and they have a tentacle arm
    Powers: Their tentacle arm can elongate and become stickier on command
    Weaknesses: Fire or heat really dries them out and makes them dehydrated
    Weapons: Tentacle arm
    Personality: Very quiet and observative. They mostly don't talk much though because their grammar isn't that great. They are defensive and will be cautious around new people before fully trusting them
    Bio: Undecided (all I got so far is that they were homeless for most of their life, and they've been hunted by goverment-type people seeking to do experiments on them)
    Other: They are tall, like almost 7 feet

    Dunno if I should make a fourth character or not -- but c'mon, it's me, I probably will tbh
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    When do we start this terrible roleplay? We already have a Fantroll and a Sonic OC, what else do we need?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Dont worry, this awful roleplay will start soon xD

    Posting order:
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Making a third character because I ate a cake and decided Captain needed a friend from his AU

    Name: Naifu
    Gender: male
    Age: 31
    Species: Shinigami (human soul)
    Franchise: same as captain
    Class: ^
    Looks: I have to do art of him yet but this is my AU's Chara.
    Wears: normal shinigami atire
    Powers: healing Kido, and Knives.
    Weaknesses: generally could give a f---. Usually has to be bribed to get anything done.
    Weapons: his zanpakuto, which appears to be a small knife. That rurns into more knives.
    Personality: very layed back, prefures to just watch people do things. Will encourage others to do dumb s---.
    Bio: Naifu is one of the Lieutenant's of the monster soul society, and is good friends with Captain and the AU's first equivalent. Naifu also spent some time in hueco mundo, only a few months, due to him stabbing the former head captain

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