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    Paige_ Senior
    Can I make Iris, the goddess of the rainbow? Also in the circus can she be a clown?
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    Name (& pronunciation): Nakoma Melinoe (Na-coma M ell - een - AW - ee)
    Date of Birth (& age): November 15, 3087 20
    Place of Birth: Texas
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin: Human, African- American
    Social Class/Community Status: Middle Class
    Language: English, Spanish and a little bit of Swahili
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Tanda (Half-sister), Nyoka (Ball python)
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair: Curly, black hair, half dyed white
    Eyes: Brown
    Detailed Physical Description: Nakoma has a more plump kind of body. Not exactly fat, just more curvy. She is very attractive and has a smile that could make anyone happy. Her skin has a condition called vitiligo, which gives her white patches on her body. They can be found under her right arm, in an almost slash diagonal across her chest and stomach, and on her left cheek
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: Nakoma usually wears t-shirts with new or vintage rock bands on them with blue jeans and sneakers (usually Sketchers). Her work outfit consists of a white button-up shirt, a red tie, gray work skirt, leggings and black high heels
    Personality/Attitude: One first appearances, Nakoma can seem like a rather angsty and sad kind of person. However, get to know her and it turns out the opposite is true. While she can sometimes be a little angsty, it's not something she bothers people over.
    Skills/Talents: Nakoma is able to recognize when a place is haunted, when someone is possessed and how to communicate with ghosts
    Powers: basic magic, able to phase through object and possess certain ones to cause distractions or use as weapons
    Favorites/Likes*: Rock music (Evanescence is her favorite), video games, paranormal or supernatural stuff
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: Battle Royale games (She will go ballistic at the mere mention of Fortnite), being told that ghosts aren't real
    Goals/Ambitions: To fully understand the spirit world
    Strengths: Cunning, trickery, setting a trap
    Weaknesses: She's not really that good at combat, despite playing numerous fighting games
    Fears: Spiders
    Hobbies/Interests*: Reading, writing her own stories
    Role: Paranormal investigator
    God/Goddess/hero: Melinoe
    Aura color: Black and White
    Backstory *: Nakoma has had a rough life, her dad divorced her mom not too long after she was born and she lived with him. When he remarried, they were to have another child, but complications lead to her dying. By the time Nakoma was 10, her dad was a heavy drinker and she took it upon herself to take care of her sister, Tanda. A year later, her dad died and she was moved to a foster home.
    Other: N/A

    Name (& pronunciation): Tanda Macaria (Tan-da M-aa-k-aa-r-EE-aa)
    Date of Birth (& age): September 8, 3090 17
    Place of Birth: Texas
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin: Human, Half Caucasian, Half African-American
    Social Class/Community Status: Middle Class
    Language: English and Spanish
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Nakoma (Half-sister)
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 120 lbs..
    Hair: Straight, black hair
    Eyes: Green
    Detailed Physical Description: Tanda's figure is skinnier than Nakoma's but she isn't really athletic, her skin is a lighter shade than Nakoma and she doesn't have vitiligo. Other than this, she looks like a shorter version of her sister
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: Tanda wears white or blue dresses with brown sandals. Her weapons are daggers
    Personality/Attitude: Tanda is a bubbly kind of girl, always looking on the bright side of life and hoping to cheer anyone up if they need it
    Skills/Talents: Tanda is a very persuasive kind of person, able to convince people of certain tasks and convince others to show mercy
    Powers: Basic magic, aura powers
    Favorites/Likes*: Stars, art, her sister's company, Godzilla
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: Art ruined, being separated from her sister for too long
    Goals/Ambitions: To have a good family
    Strengths: Stealth, coordinating with a team
    Weaknesses: If she's on her own, she can't fight that well
    Fears: Being alone
    Hobbies/Interests*: Drawing
    Role: Persuader
    God/Goddess/hero: Marcaria
    Aura color: Purple
    Backstory *: Not much to tell that wasn't already in Nakoma's
    Other: She owns a stuffed animal of Simba from The Lion King
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    Paige_ Senior
    Name (& pronunciation): Nadia Iris (Nah-dee-a eye-ris)
    Date of Birth (& age): July 10th 3090-17
    Place of Birth: Nevada
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin:African American
    Social Class/Community Status: Started off as lower class, but brought her family to middle
    Language: She can speak English and the romance languages
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Gardenia(little sister), Kira(mother), Carlos(father), Jester(dog) 
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Her hair is black
    Eyes: Her eyes are a beautiful dark brown
    Detailed Physical Description:  She has umber skin, with natural black hair that is in jumbo braids and chocolate brown eyes. She is 5'5 and average weight.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: She wears colorful crop tops and shorts/leggings.
    Personality/Attitude: A very positive girl, Nadia has a contagious smile. She always tries her best for the people she loves. She is good with people, and people love her. Her laugh makes other people laugh. She is always smiling.
    Skills/Talents: Nadia is known where she lives for her singing abilities. She is also trained in basic combat skills, nothing too fancy. She is also good at acting.
    Powers: Aura powers, and she is able to see colors of things that most people can't. For example, poisons and perfumes.
    Favourites/Likes*: Acting, singing, being around people, anything cute, animals, wholesome things
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: Most violence, horror movies, cruelty of any kind, rap music,
    Goals/Ambitions: She wants everyone around her to be happy, and wants to spread her positivity around the world.
    Strengths: People, close up combat, lighting up the mood, being gentle
    Weaknesses: Ranged attacks, being alone, gets lost easily
    Fears: Not being good enough, making people angry/upset, murder,
    Hobbies/Interests*: Singing, acting, ect.
    Role: Clown
    God/Goddess/hero: Iris
    Aura colour: Red/purple
    Backstory *:  Nadia grew up in a poor family for her elementary and half of her middle school years. However, people started to recognize her talents, and she started getting booked to sing, or got to act in plays. This gave her enough money to bring her family to middle class.
    Other: Please dont let her lead, you will get lost.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Everyone is part of the circus.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m going to have to ask that you change a lot of Baku a, for starters she needs to be a member of the circus, which is led by ares.
    Her powers also need to be worked over.
    I’ll allow a grey aura, but not a black and white one I’m afraid. I did say it would be if you asked, which you did not, because certain aura combinations are impossible.
    Such as black and white. ( I know why you did it, but it’s unfortunately not possible.)

    Melione would have abilities to induce madness or paranoia
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    I'm not exactly sure what Nakoma and Tanda could do in the circus. I'd appreciate a suggestion.

    Okay, what if I gave Nakoma the power to cause delusions instead of possessing objects?

    I'll accept the grey aura for Nakoma. Sorry for not asking about the dual aura first.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Since she’s a minor goddess, and her description is night terrors, she’d be able to induce night terrors, and also cause panic or fear, so Nakoma embodying that with delusions is fine, just remember they aren’t the same thing as illusions.

    I should say now, normal people have auras.
    A white aura is against the rules, there’s a few things I left out in my sleep deprivation.
    You’ll see why soon.

    Stage hands are always a viable option. An illusionist? A hypnotist?

    Acrobats, clowns, jugglers (?) everything other than specific roles can be repeated ( the a family.)
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    I think Nakoma being a stage hand would be best. And I think I'll actually make Tanda the clown.
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    S_E_ Senior
    This sounds very interesting but also very complicated but I'd love to give it a go if you'd allow
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Of course,

    Yeah, it’s all based on a book idea so some things I forget you guys don’t know?
    Just clear all aura’s by me.
    God choice too please.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Could I possibly use the Goddess Ostara? With a light blue aura?
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    Name (& pronunciation): Dragan Dragičević-Nemesis (drah gahn drag eech a vic nem is is)
    Date of Birth (& age): October 13th, 3088 (19)
    Place of Birth: Santa Monica
    Gender: Male
    Species/Racial Origin: Croatian-American
    Social Class/Community Status: Upper Middle Class, Disowned
    Language: Croatian (And by association, other southern Slavic languages), English, Russian
    Family/Friends/Pets/Etc*: Disowned. Has a black cat with a white mark, named Didi (Short for Dijete)
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 192lbs
    Hair: Black, naturally curly, falls over his eyes occasionally
    Eyes: A light, cold Violet-pink
    Detailed Physical Description: He's a young man that looks much better than the situation he's out himself in Would call for- he has a good strong figure, a strong, straight nose, and hands of a pianist. While the tells are big for his addiction, there's only two- his pale complexion, that doesn't fit his naturally olive skin tone, and the dark. Dark backs under his eyes
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: Pristine suits, either black and red, or white and pink- no in between
    Personality/Attitude: Dragan is always present in the moment, even if he looks distant- especially when he looks distant. Performative actions are Absolutely exhausting for him, so he simply doesn't bother. He has a concept of right and wrong, but only because he's been hit over the head with it time and time again. He views right and wrong as more of a personal basis that a societal one- Dont wrong me, and I won't Wrong you.
    Skills/Talents: He can tell when Someone is lying, far beyond just simple intuition. He's also hella good with guns, his choice defaulting to pistols and sniper rifles.
    Powers: A human lie detector, can sense when someone's had too much fortune, not what type of fortune, but just whether or not it's in excess.
    Favourites/Likes*: His cat, falcons, being left alone
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: Those who pretend not to feel emotions, highly empathetic people who blame others for their emotions, basing ones sense of good and evil off of what is legal and illegal, anyone pointing out any hypocrisy of his
    Goals/Ambitions: to be better than his peers
    Strengths: a good marksman, observational
    Weaknesses: Cannot describe his emotions, has naturally low empathy
    Fears: Becoming truly apathetic to the world
    Hobbies/Interests*: Shooting guns, collecting knives, opposing the law
    Role: marksman(2?)
    God/Goddess/hero: Nemesis
    Aura colour: Pale Pink
    Backstory *: As a teenager, he frequented coke dens. A Lot. Eventually, His parents got sick of him and his stints with the law, so they left him a small sum of money, and disowned him. He's been traveling for a number of years now, taking whatever odd job he can to get his fix. Although, recently, he has been replacing a coke addiction with a nicotine addiction, becoming a bit of a chain smoker.
    Other: has ASPD and is gay and trans
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    SE: of course, that should be fine.

    Like I said on discord, he’s fine.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Sick I'm busy right now but I'll fill out a sheet tonight
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    S_E_ Senior
    I'm so sorry, we had a big storm knock out our internet!

    Name (& pronunciation): Eloise Ostara (Ell-oh-weez ah-star-ah)
    Date of Birth (& age): March 21st 3088 (Age 19)
    Place of Birth: Boston
    Gender: Female
    Species/Racial Origin: German
    Social Class/Community Status: Middle, but on the lower side.
    Language: English, a few German words here and there.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Hair: Long and brown, with some waves
    Eyes: Brown
    Detailed Physical Description: She's a bit on the heavy side but curvy. She's certainly no athlete but her lifestyle is decently healthy.
    Typical Clothing/Equipment: She likes to wear comfortable clothes, a simple shirt and slacks, usually with a pair of sneakers.
    Personality/Attitude: Eloise is generally very happy. She tries to stay calm but when something irritates her she snaps easily. For the most part she's nice unless she dislikes someone. When she does like someone, she bonds with them well, but she's a little shy and likes animals better than people.
    Skills/Talents: She's good at cheering people up when they're upset, and she's good with animals.
    Powers: She can communicate with animals, not necessarily talk to them, but she can understand what they're thinking/feeling. She can also "wake" people/things up, whether it be actually waking them or "starting" things, so to speak. However she's not very good at this and is very out of practice.
    Favourites/Likes*: Spring, warm weather, animals, being outside.
    Most Hated/Dislikes*: The cold, rude people, stuffy rooms, animals being held in harsh conditions.
    Goals/Ambitions: To travel the world.
    Strengths: Being kind and considerate.
    Weaknesses: Being possibly too cold towards people she doesn't know, being hesitant.
    Fears: She's extremely claustrophobic
    Hobbies/Interests*: She enjoys studying different types of flowers.
    Role: An animal trainer
    God/Goddess/hero: Ostara
    Aura colour: Light Blue
    Backstory *: As a young girl she lived with her parents and grandmother in Boston. Her grandmother was a German immigrant, so she would try to teach Eloise German during the day while her parents were at work. Her grandmother died when she was eleven and shortly after her parents divorced. She and her mother moved around the country for a few years and when Eloise turned eighteen she moved out and joined the circus.
    Other: As a teenager she and her mom would sometimes find themselves in unfortunate situations, so she's used to traveling light and sleeping in odd locations.

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