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Thread Topic: Christians of GTQ

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    Whiplash Experienced
    Let us come together in prayer for the victims of the Miami shooting and their friends and family. Please join me to help those suffering not as Christians, but as loving brothers and sisters, fellow man and woman. God tells us to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Gay, straight, bi, other, it does not matter. Now and always we must stand strong, not as Americans, not as Christians, but as Humans and join in mourning and prayer for the innocent who have died, may they rest in peace and be loved eternally. Thank you.
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    Kish Expert
    Why only christians, why not other religions?
    Can other religions not pray too?
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    I'm not Christian but catholic

    There kinda the same
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    BCJfan Novice
    I'm Christian and Amen. Let all the other religions come forward and pray with us to.
  • wicannii Newbie
    I'm not Christian, but I'll pray for them to my Lord and Lady
  • yorick13 Newbie
    why did your god let this happen
  • imafancyjag Newbie
    I go to a catholic school and even though I don't believe in god I will still bow my head and in silence
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    IvystarGecko Novice
    I'm Christian.
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    alex3000 Senior
    Catholic here, and amen indeed.
  • Raven_ Newbie
    Christian here and Amen.
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    minime Experienced
  • I'm Christian and amen
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    Roboticlus Prime Advanced

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