Biggest fear

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Thread Topic: Biggest fear

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    Alejandro98 Novice
    Mine are clowns and spiders
    Yours are?
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    BTRfreak Novice
    Mine are bees, spiders, & worms
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Fire, creepy crawlies, and losing the ones I love.
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    InfinityGAL Novice
    Hights, and the ocean.
  • Ronnie_Sharon Newbie
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    freaking,scary old people
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    Nuna Junior
    the dark
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Going to prison.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced

    Just kidding, I'm not the a--hole who comes in just to make everyone look bad.
    This will sound dumb, but not being good enough, or dishonorable, or really fear itself.
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    Hikaru Katsu Advanced
    Stage fright...
    Not being able to go to a show
    Running out of food
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    RemysFault Experienced
    Ahh, probably clowns.
    And spiders, guns, the occasonal knife, MAYBE sharp teeth.

    That it.
    WAIT NO.
    And elvators.
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    madid Experienced
    Rejection, expressing emotion, fear, the things I can't protect myself from
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    madid Experienced
    People having an advantage over me
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    izme Novice
    heights,bugs,spiders,bikes,rollercosters,and the ocean
  • Life.

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