I'm about to ask a stupid question XDD

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Thread Topic: I'm about to ask a stupid question XDD

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    6 6 sick Senior
    I know I'm a guy but I love makeup.

    So lipstick or lipgloss? XD I know not everyone here uses makeup but oh well.

    I say lipstick,lipgloss is too..I dunno.Its just so..ugh.
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    coolme3 Advanced
    ummm.. chapstick xD

    Or between those, lipstick. Lipgloss is gross.
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    VegeKaka Senior
    .. Uhm..

    Lipstick.. xD
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    skatterbrain Novice
    oh coolme stole my answer..chapstick ill go with lip-synk?..

    id go with slick but make it pale
    cause lipgloss would be nodiceable-(easly seen)
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    Carri04 Hot Shot

    but I like lipstick every so often.
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    Teresa22 Novice
    Lipgloss. Some of you may say 'But that's different from everyone else! :O' but my mom doesn't let me wear lipstick and I like lipgloss better. I usually wear chapstick though
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    skatterbrain Novice
    oh by the way.. im a guy..
    so my mom wont let me wear ether.. (not that id want to)
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    Haylii2 Novice
    Lipstick(red) Cause it just shows that I'm a total troublemaker!!
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    harpusrox7 Experienced
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    OZZYIOMMI Advanced
    Both of them I hate so... xD

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    Wooden Bridge Junior
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    Kiki rocks Novice
    Chapstick then lipgloss.

    I'm an expert on makeup so if you have any questions just aks me.
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    chapstick normally and if i'm feeling awesome lipstick, if i want to be in between lip gloss.
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Well if i had to chose between the two, itd be lipgloss.
    but preferably chapstick. Im not good with makeup xP
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    Nuna Junior
    Lipstick....even though i like lipgloss cuz it has flavors.But with lipstick you can get one that matches your lip color so no one will know til you kiss them ha

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