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    Anastasia Expert
    I agree completely. :I That was uncalled for and quite frankly makes me sick.
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    Rude ass paparazzi.
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    bananabread Novice
    That really grinds my gears. Two things that make me upset, saying very untrue things for no reason, and saying stereotypical offensive words.

    I like your use of memes to get your point across
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    Jade66sick Novice
    I'm not okay with using the word 'fag' or 'gay' or anything like that as an insult.

    I despise the bands music a lot,but I wouldn't go as far as attacking them like that >.>
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    BTRfreak Advanced
    I agree :/ Papparzzi's can be such a--holes sometimes... and using 'fag' as an insult? That's a no-no.
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    ICEE CHILL Advanced
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    scolionophobia Advanced
    As a fan, I'm not going to get much into this, but, it's hard to find a good pap now a days.

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