Hunger Games vs Twilight vs Harry Potter

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Thread Topic: Hunger Games vs Twilight vs Harry Potter

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    Dora the explorer.
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    booknerd224 Novice
    The Hunger Games. Twilight is too... meh, and Harry Potter is too complicated for me. And I personally like science fiction better than fantasy..
  • Mockingbird Novice
    Well it depends, do you mean movie or books? If movies, I would say Harry Potter. Twilight was simply atrocious so definitely not that for either. I didn't like The Hunger Games as a movie, because I didn't like how they set everything up and cut things out. For the flashback when Peeta's giving her the bread they're the same age, and Katniss looks like she's on drugs, not starving. Overall I'd say probably Harry Potter, because I liked the ending more.
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    DeathStar321 Novice
    Now I'm more with Mockingbird.
  • cool boy Newbie
    None :P
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    Kooleo2000 Novice
    I don't like Harry Potter or Twighlight, but I LOVE The Hunger Games, so The Hunger Games.
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    liz_king97 Newbie
    I like all three, but Twilight & New Moon sucked. I hat when details are left out of the movies that I think make the books awesome, so I get fed up with them, and begin ranting...;) but they're all goo, I didn't especially like The Hunger Games MOVIE all too much, but it was pretty good...
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    Kepler Novice
    The Harry Potter series. It's such an extremely developed world, and I love J. K. Rowling's writing style.
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    Flight Junior
    The Hunger Games, definitely! Although Harry Potter's not bad. =)
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    Kirby Junior
    Wow this is an old thread I made way back.
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    dino gal Novice
    harry potter.
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    2.The Hunger Games
    3.Harry Potter

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