Favourite Movie?

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Thread Topic: Favourite Movie?

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    DragonKitty Novice

    Lord of the Rings

    Least Favourite:

    Nic and Tristan Go Mega Dega

    (Yes, it is as f***ed as it sounds)
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    DragonKitty Novice
    Crap, it posted it twice!
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    Anastasia Senior
    Repo! The Generic Opera

    Least Favorites:
    I can't think of one that I remember.
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    I like music Hot Shot
    Favorite: Inception and Batman: The Dark Knight.

    Least favorite: Unborne.
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    Biance Experienced
    Favorite:Gnomeo and Juliet,Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2,and Alice in Wonderland

    Least:I dunno
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    name Novice
    The phantom of the opera
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Hot Fuzz
    Kung Fu Hustle

    Least favourite:
    Too many to list
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    Texas Chainsaw Massacere(orignal)
    The Shining
    The Exorcist(orignal)

    I forgot the name of this other movie,the one with pennywise the clown(or something like that)
  • tongue Advanced
    Favorites: Inception, The Dark Knight, Do the Right Thing, and Taxi Driver

    Least Favorite: Law Abiding Citizen. I was offended by how awful that movie was.
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    Wooden Bridge Novice
    Monster House
    The cat in the Hat

    Least favorite:
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    Favorite: The Hangover probably

    Least favorite: Sniper
  • Degrassi girl Novice
    favorites: the twilight saga, grease, valintines day, what happens in vegas, titanic(the one with leonardo dicaprio)
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    DragonKitty Novice
    How can you hate Avatar? Gasp!
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    timothy4444 Experienced

    Least Favourite:
  • lucindamae Newbie
    Favorite: Inception
    Least Favorite: Anything from the Disney Channel
  • wywymitro Novice
    Favorite: Dark Knight, Inception, Matrix, Harry Potter

    Least Favorite: None that I can think of right now.

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