Rate the movie above you and name a movie

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Thread Topic: Rate the movie above you and name a movie

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    TayuyaTerra Junior
    10 ... One of my favorite movies

    Universal soldier
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    LinaxD Novice
    never watched it bleep bloop

    the nightmare before christmas
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    9/10 Tim Burton's movies are always good.

    Stand By Me.
  • The hunter Newbie
    Never seen it
    guardians of the Galaxy 2
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    RelevantNerdist Experienced
    10/10 f---ing awesome

    Independence Day: Resurgence
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    Power Rangers
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    Mac1014 Junior
    Sadly I I've never seen it

    Percy Jackson Movies
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    I haven't seen it.

    Boss baby
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    absol heart Hot Shot

    Pulp Fiction
  • Stardust1 Novice
    Never seen it.

    Fantastic Beasts
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    I pity you. Pulp Fiction's a classic.

    Haven't seen it yet.

    Army of Darkness.
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    AkiMaki Junior

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    Mac1014 Experienced
    Never seen it

    The secret life of pets
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    DreamOfNight Advanced

    Alice Through The Looking Glass
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