Books they should make into movies

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Thread Topic: Books they should make into movies

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    Amywhite Advanced
    Jack!! go to the anybody on thread in offbeat!!
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    Bambi Experienced
    Red Tears
    House of Night series
    Mortal Instruments series
    Clockwork Angel and tMI series... cetera.
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    Hatshepsut237 Advanced
    The Mortal Instruments are awesome

    Sorry, just had to say
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    Kitsune Novice
    The Fallen series
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    Bambi Experienced
    Ikr Hatshep!
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    bunniesrule Experienced
    *Gasp* Its Bambi!
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    Alana Experienced
    - Before I Fall
    - Hush Hush
    - The Book Thief
    - Slant
    - Witch and Wizard
    - The Maximum Ride series
    - Immortals series
    - Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy
    - a book I'm writing called Shiver
  • crazy101 Newbie
    septimus heap,gone,the alchemist series
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    Biance Experienced

    Haha,long time no see,right?*Hugs*
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    Selena112 Novice
    Warriors, of course! That'd be a lot of movies, though...
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    Hatshepsut237 Advanced
    Yesh, yesh it wouls Selena

    Though I must admit I've always wanted to be part of the making of a warriors movie if they decide on making them.
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    Hephaestuschild Experienced
    Me too!
    But if they messed up ANYTHING I would sue.xD
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    Omega_Wolf Junior
    Maximum Ride.
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    Luna Siren Novice
    The UnWanteds series
    The Kane Chronicles series
    Heroes of Olympus series
    Invisible World
    Grim Hill series
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    The Gallagher girls series
    The girl who fell beneath fairyland and led the revels there ( god I love that book)

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