Books they should make into movies

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Thread Topic: Books they should make into movies

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    Ooh and the tales of the immortal Nicholas flamel!!
  • Kristy Thomas Novice
    Faking 19 should be made into a movie
  • kittens Newbie
    firelight. great book
  • CharityChase Novice
    Charlie Bone!!!! And they ended to remake the Percy Jackson movies, because they're a complete insult to the books!!!
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    Joker1001 Junior
    You b------s bumped this, but this gives me an excuse to show my sadness for Daleks.

    Daleks, come back to us! You're really cool. And I think that's you making out with Geek in your profile picture... Still...
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    Celia1616 Novice
    They're not making the rest of the Percy Jackson movies into books? This is completely and totally outrageous!

    Anyway, I wish they would make the rest of the Eragon movies into books.
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    Celia1616 Novice
    [poll.omf] [poll.xCd]
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    Celia1616 Novice
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    The Infernal Devices Series and the rest of the Mortal Instruments Series!
    (They should also remake City of Bones because it was a bit of a disappointment. )
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    They should also make the Unwind Dystology into a series of movies!
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    Calysta221 Experienced
    Elsewhere (not the kid book)
  • Warriors (By erin hunter
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    WolfLove Advanced
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    aadee Novice
    1. The Red Pyramid
    2. The Throne of Fire
    3. The Serpent's Shadow
  • Wendee30 Novice
    They should redue the divergent series. They totally messed it up from minute one.

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