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    natuhleegayle Senior
    The First Contest is a Character Contest! Yes! Everyone's favorite! This will be a character contest for my story Life in the Hunger Games. For this contest, there will be numerous winners because I need 13 tributes because the story will be extend and the main girl and Cecil will be interacting more with the tributes than the original. The available tributes eligible for this contest are: 3,4, the Male Tribute in from District 5,6,8,9 and 10. There will be 13 winners!For your character contest submission, you must include the basics; name, personality (be detailed. Provide examples if helpful), description, district, age, background story of the character, skills and I want you to write at least a paragraph of how your character will act inside the arena. You can add interaction with the Main Character, Cecil, Peeta or Katniss to help you! The Contest will be open till July 5th, 2012. The winner will be announce the following day!

    Okay, one contest down. Another one to talk about. At first, I was debating on having ANOTHER Character contest but that would have been hard for me to balance with the Hunger Games. The next contest belongs to everyone's favorite, no not Hogwarts Love Story, the contest belongs to One Direction Love Story!This contest will be a story creation contest! Yes, and since it's One Direction we're talking about. You will create a story between you and A MEMBER (Yes, ONE member). The criteria for the story is meeting that member for the first time! The winner of this contest will get their story published as a One Direction Love Story Special and will be added to the One Direction Love Story Family. There will only be one winner, sorry guys! Your submission must be a minimum of half a page. Get creative and go crazy! This is One Direction guys, you're directioners! This contest will be open till July 7th, 2012 since creating stories take longer to write, again the winner will be announce the following day.

    The rules for the contest: For the Hunger Games, you're allowed to submit two entries. And remember, each district (Except 5) require One boy and One Girl, so choose wisely! And for the One Direction Love Story Contest, only one entry! Be detailed and again, I will only accept either a well thorough story that's at least a page or two or a short story that is at least half a page. Send your submissions by email or if you can't email, leave a comment and I will create a forum to accept entries but I will notify first when I created that forum! Have fun guys! And please participate! If you know anyone who is interested, please ask them to join!
  • Clarissa13 Newbie
    I can't email. :( Can I use the forums (for the Hunger Games one)?
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Yep! Just post here ! :)
  • Samantha2332 Junior
    Age: 13
    District: 8
    Name: Shelby-Alexis Jolie LaFleur

    Description: She has long brown hair and brown eyes that sparkle when she angry. She is 5'3 and has a small scar above her left eye from falling on a brick fireplace when she was 3 or 4.

    Personality: She's nice, but very protective of her friends and family. She's quite territorial and hates when people mess with her, or push her buttons. She likes revenge. She likes to give people a taste of their medicine. She's very religious, and when things get rough, she likes to go to God and pray, and ask for answers. She often offers help, but refuses to accept it when help is offered to her.

    Background Story: Shelby-Alexis's family has almost always been good to her. She was devastated when she was entered. She had three little sisters to look after back home. Hailey, Amber, and Agnes. Her older brother Tye made her promise to put up a fight. Shelby-Alexis was the center of her home, what others would call the glue. Her parents would always fight about family related things, which would cause her sisters to blame eachother, causing chaos. She was leaving behind her boyfriend, Luke. They had been together for a year. The morning of the reaping, they had gotten into a fight. Shelby (or Alexis, both for short) had left out a small detail about her father. He had been recently exacuted for attacking a peace-keeper.

    Actions in the Arena: Shelby-Alexis will be quick and feirce. She will try to put up a good fight. She isn't very confident because of being so young. She trusts no one. She only fends off the enemy and runs away. She refuses to fight unless it's necassary. She offers help to anyone in need of it, but declines it when help is offered to her.

    Skills: She's quick. She isn't very good with weapons, but is fairly decent with a knife. She is a good climber.
  • Samantha2332 Junior
    Sorry about the length... I'm wordy.
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    It's fine! The longer it is, the better ! :)
  • Clarissa13 Newbie
    Age: 14
    District: 8
    Name: Gisselle Kathleen Brett (feel free to change the last name, I have trouble with those)
    Looks: She has REALLY thick, REALLY curly redish-brown hair that falls to just below her shoulders. She has green eyes and tan-ish skin. She also has a lot of freckles. She has a kind smile.
    Personality: She is quiet but is also very social. She can't stand chaos and is very organized. She doesn't like people fighting. She is (and seems like) a real girly-girl but isn't afraid to do some dirty work. She is very protective and loyal. She is also very trusting. She loves animals and is a vegetarian (though if she was starving and there was nothing else to eat she would consider eating an animal). She has a really big heart. She is also timid, but will pretend to be brave.
    History: She is an only child, but has always wanted siblings. Her parents died in a factory accedent when she was 8 and since then she has lived with her grandparents. Her grandmother died of a fever when she was 11 and she has had to take care of her ailing grandfather ever since. She has no family other than her grandparents and her parents, but only her grandfather is still alive.
    I'm not finished yet, I have to go to supper and my computer is dieing, but I had that all typed up and I didn't have time to finish so I thought I'd go ahead and put that up there.
  • Did you see mine on the quiz or do I have to repost it on here?
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    I got yours! :)
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    Name: Samantha Amber Terry
    Age: 14
    District: 9
    Personality: Shes kind of like a mix between Joanna and Rue, shes shy and quiet and socially awkward, she doesnt like to fight but she will really hurt you if she needs to, when people get to know her they tend to realize its not smart to get on her bad side, shes not very girly shes more like a tom-boy on most things, shes very protective and doesnt like people who think they are better than everyone else, she tends to hold grudges but bottles up most feelings, shes kind of strong and artistic (but not as much as Peeta) and shes really clever
    Description: She has fair skin, wavy blonde hair that would typically fall down to the middle of her back but she keeps it in a messy bun, she has hazel eyes that seem to darken when shes angry, shes about 53
    Background: She lives with her Father, older sister, Emma, and baby brother, Mike, her mother died shortly after giving birth to Mike, Emma and her father both worked so Samantha had to take care of Mike, they were all shattered when Samanthas name was called in the reaping, she knew her chances for survival were very slim but she needed to win, for Mike
    Action in the arena: She would stand on the platform and look at the area around, she would look for the quickest and easiest thing to get from the Cornucopia, when the timer went off she would wait a second or two just to avoid the big fights, while everyone would go for the best stuff in the centre she would skirt around to the stuff on the outside that would help her, she would tend to avoid the fights if she could but she would fight with all she had if she had to
    Skills: Great with the shorter swords, shes pretty fast, she knows how to heal herself and what plants are good and bad
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    Oops that was supposed to say 5 foot 3 inches..
  • LetsParty Novice
    Okay here's the rest of mine (I'm also Clarissa13):
    Actions in the Arena: She knows she'll die, but that doesn't stop her from fighting. Her motivation to win is her ailing grandfather. She will run away from the Cornucopia, following the main character because the main character looks smart and like a useful ally. She oesn't use any weapons except a long shard of sharp glass, one end of which she wraps with a cloth to make a makeshift knife. She tries to ally with the Main Character, and she does, but on the second day that they're allies she runs off because she thought the Main Character was going to backstab her. From then on she wanders around the woods, staying close to a water source, only eating berries and nuts. Eventually, she goes out to see if there's anything left over at the Cornucopia, but there isn't. She hides in there and overhears some of the Careers' plans and goes to warn the Main Character because she realizes she made a mistake but is killed by one of the Careers before she can.
    Skills: She is smart, can tell the good nuts and berries from the poisonous ones, and is fast. She has really good hearing and eyesight too. She doesn't really know much in the way of weapons.
    Sorry is all the stuff I put down for actions in the arena was to specific. Feel free to change things. I got kinda carried away!
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    Calysta221 Novice
    (hi i ve your series.Well here goes.)
    Name:Susan Breanne Azeur
    Looks:Long thick wavy brown hair that goes to her shoulder blades,crystal blue eyes,4'5inches,tanish skin,white lovely smile,a few freckles,one chin(not two),and red in her cheeks.
    Personality:She is nice and very kind.Sometimes shy,but mostly social.Mysterious when mad/crushing.Does not like to be talked back too,jugded,or yelled at.
    Likes:Tree,flowers,waterfalls,blueberries,fantasy genre books,music,and younger children.
    Dislikes:abuse,pickles,extreme heat,cold,money,and fish(alive and dead)
    Skills:she is fast and good with all weapons.
    Backround:???(you can make one if you want)
    *sorry about how long it is.But here is my character.I hope you like her.)
  • Lucky_Rainbow Newbie
    Age: 16
    District: 4
    Name: Fiona Murdock

    Description: She has long, dark brown hair, with a streak of pink on the right side and a cowlick on the left side of her forehead. She has glittering, almond-shaped blue eyes that are green around the pupil, and she has black, thick eyelashes. Her skin is tan and she has a wide smile with big dimples. She is about 57, and about 120 lbs. She has long legs and her finger nails either have chipped nail polish or none at all.

    Personality & other stuff: Shes very friendly and sweet, and usually wouldnt hurt a fly (besides her brothers, of course). She believes that there is good in everyone, even President Snow, and that evil is created, not born. She loves the water, and all creatures, and is somewhat of a tomboy. She hates blood and gore and has a terrible time watching the games each year, let alone being in them. She is extremely determined and persistent, and tries again and again to get what shes after. She is very trustworthy and very gullible, and very likely to believe anyones story. She always has a smile on her face, and her cheerfulness radiates. She has low self-esteem, though, and is scared of failure. She also acts on impulse, which creates problems, and hates rules, even though she follows them (and is a goody 2 shoessort of). She has a hard time paying attention during long, boring speeches, and likes to doodle, read, and write. Shes clumsy, sometimes, and is shy when shes nervous. She is also very funny and easy to talk to.

    Background: She has 3 brothers, the fourth and oldest having drowned a long time ago, so she barely even remembers him. They are close-knit and have fun, teasing each other and wrestling around all the time. She loves her family more than anything. She loves the water, and all the creatures in it, and spends a lot of her time at the beach. She has 2 best friends, Colleen and David, and would do anything for them, and they know the depth of her love and trust. Ever since she was little, she has loved fairy tales, even though they arent as popular, her mother told her all that she knew. She dreams of being a princess, sometimes, princess of the sea. She has been told her entire life that she is very beautiful, and she is. She looks like a princess, and even acts like one, with her kind and gentle ways, and her caring for everyone.

    In the Arena: She is very careful about what she does and making wrong moves. She usually stays a little bit away from the rest of the Careers, in fear that they will turn on her. She helps others, even those who arent in the Careers, and also admires Katniss from afar. She secretly wishes to team up with her but doesnt, fearing Cato and Clove the most, even though she thinks Cato is super hot :D. She prefers staying near water, and climbs trees to look out for approaching tributes. She always carries spare food and water with her, just in case.
    Interview Approach: Angelic, sweet, friendly, princess-like :D

    Skills: She is very fast and good at hiding. She can sword fight, is good with a sling shot, and is okay with a bow. She can swim, not very fast but still can, and loves climbing trees, so she usually stays up there. She isnt a fan of the Careers, and knows they will probably double cross her because she doesnt have that killer instinct, so she is always on guard. She can also go a while without food or water.

    Sorry for making it so longI like details :D Also, if she does get into your story, can you give her a love interest? Im a hopeless romantic, solove is sorta my thing. Sorry if I didnt stay true to the legit story line, I sorta forgot everything District 4 :D The princess thing is sorta random. I dunno, maybe you could squeeze that in there somewherelike when she dies she somehow looks even more like a princess or the interview or chariot ride orI have no idea. I kinda just put it in there to make her seem more real, I guess? Okay, anyway, there she is, Fiona~!
    PSif you do decide to give her a love interestcan he be a troublemaker of sorts? Shes a goody goody sorta girl and Im all for the opposites attract thing. :) Okay, good bye~
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    zomgirl Junior
    Ok first off I am sooooooo so so SO sorry I haven't been commenting on your quizzes!! I've been really busy and my phone will only let me on the forums not the quizzes so I'll try my best to comment! ok onforth with the character!

    Name:Samara Amerinea

    Looks:saphire eyes, sun bleached hair with colors in it(she uses berry juice to do it but usually uses animal blood and when she has neither she uses her own blood) which is normally up in a strange sort of braid, (like a zig-zag braid, fishtail, mermaid, etc.) very tan skin but never burns, 5'10, always wears black clothing no matter the temp. or event, seems starved but is healthy as a horse, has almost a perfect body yet has scars almost everywhere but she is still beautiful.

    Personality:She is very close to herself and never really talks to anyone except her family but that all changes in the arena. Whenever she does talk to someone she doesn't know she is very snappy but if the person keeps calm (aka they don't snap back at her) after she talks to them she go to nice mode. Her past has much to do with this. Because of her looks she is a hit with the capitol and the boy tributes so she uses it to her advantage. All of the girl tributes are jealous or this and Samara knows it but she is kind to the girls, and that kindness is real, she never wanted to be in this game and wants to make the best of it while she can. Basicly on the good bad meeter she is in the middle but sometimes leans to one side more than the other... Her mother was in the hunger games and barely survived so she has been teaching Samara all the tricks and Samara in this type is some sort of career but is taught by an exerienced person. The careers what her because of this but she thinks they are shallow and all that. She is also an **slaps self for using word** emo type of girl who does cut herself but out of guilt and grief.

    Past history: The reason why she never talks to anyone beside her family is because when she was younger she talked back to a peacekeeper and she got punished harshly for it. She cuts herself because when she was 13 her little brother (age 7) was killed by a peacekeeper because he stole some supplies which Samara watched him do though from a distance. Cause of death: no food for over a month. The reason she has to always have colors in her hair is that her mother did it while in the games and to her it's a symbol of respect to who dies in the games and just.

    Skills: Cimbing, tying knots, Running/sprinting long distances, Fencing/swords, knive throwing,(she find this out training)and archery.

    Actions in the arena: On the platform she keeps an emotionless face but you can see in her eyes she doesn't want to be here and she doesn't want to die. Though when the gong rings she stops thinking this and runs to the Cornucopia and is the first one there. She gets certain supplise (you get to choose what) and goes out to the forest. **I'm not sure what else to put you choose what's next :)**

    Other:She loves singing but only sings songs (from the old world) by johnny cash (Hurt, God's gonna cut you down, and Ain't no grave are her favorites) and she can play guitar, her Mother was in the hunger games but rarly uses the reward stuff; she likes things simplle, Samara becomes an allie with 'me' **is that allowed?** when they are being interviewed by Ceaser, hates attention, loves to swim during her time off in the Capitol, she is caught crying a lot about her brother and all that.

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