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    natuhleegayle Senior
    @Sage Parson - Yeah, I'm getting on it right now. I was out of town yesterday. So, I really couldn't message.

    Character template for Hunger Games
    Family background:
    How they act in the arena:

    That's pretty much it! :)
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    i was gonna do it and i typed a story and everything but then i went to sleep and it onl saved like the beginnig half of the story, so i got mad and gave up
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Awe, well, just send me what you have so far and you can just tell me in point form how the rest of the story goes. I want to give you a chance and you must have put a lot of effort into it.
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    ok ill see if i could find it
    it might take a while though it may be hard to recover
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Haha, it's alright!
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    zomgirl Junior
    (bump and sorry if you didn't want it to be....)
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Name: Amy Clemintine
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    District: 3
    Skills: Is very strong, can swing a mallet pretty hard, fast runner, able to blend easy in the enviorment, is very good at seducing others
    Looks: Short blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, 4' 11", peach skin,
    Personality: Nice, sweet, bubbly, can be a b**** if you tick her off, is good at telling people off, bossy, brave, tough, a bit of a tomboy but a little more on the girly side because she LOVES PINK, easy to talk too, confident, cool, calm,
    Family background: Amy's parents were killed in a fire. She was adopted by an elderly couple with a grandson a year older than her. They like to take walks and race each other. She's not trained for the hunger games, but she's ready for anything that comes her way!!
    How they act in the arena: Her tactic: Recruit anybody she can then rebel against the Capital. Her weapon of choice is a giant mallet!

    Name: Tyler Clemintine
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    District: 16
    Skills: Strong, fast runner, easily trusted, can make a weapon out of anything.
    Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, muscular (for a 16 year old), 5' 1", darker than peach skin,
    Personality: Serious, hard to get too, the total opposite of Amy, hard to talk too, outgoing, nice when you get to know him, doesn't like to be embarrassed (especially by his sister),
    Family background: Same as Amy's, except he was born with the elderly couple. His parents abandoned him.
    How they act in the arena: He agrees with Amy. They should rebel against the Capital. His weapon of choice is a shield, because he can already make a weapon out of almost anything.

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    Sage Parson Novice
    Oh BTW, thanks so much for making the template! It helped a lot! I still can't find my other character I sent you, but hopefully you still have it!

    Thanks again! :)
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    Sage Parson Novice
    I just realized, I spelled "Capitol" wrong TWICE!! THAT'S SO EMBARRASSING!! :(
  • Samantha2332 Junior
    Sage...There is no district 16....
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Oh whoops...I meant 3...but I got the age and district mixed up... '^_^ Heh...heh...ignore that... :)
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    One Direction
    you walked into your new house, astonished at what was around you. the house was huge. it was everything you ever wanted and you walked into a random room to see that everyone had unpacked your clothes and organized them very well.
    you went downstairs to get some water when the doorbell rings. you open the door to see a guy with a wig on but you could see he has brown curly hair with green eyes. you know he's wearing a wig,because you see some hair missing out the wig. he steps inside your house and welcomes you to the neighboorhood. you shyly invites him inside and he playfully plops on your couch
    you cant help but to think *he looks familiar*
    you walk over to him and suddenly blurts out "can i tell you a secret?" you nod then he whispers "im harry styles from one direction." you smile then laugh. you sit on the couch and laughs again. you always wanted to meet a famous person but you never thought youd meet like this.
    you realize you havent told him your name so you quickly snap out of it and say "oh,my name is ___"
    harry smiles and says "i love that name"
    theres an awkward silence. then you find things to talk about. you ask "whats it like to be famous? who is your favorite powerpuff girl, how old is your sister? what school did you go to?"
    he chuckles slightly and says "why do you have so many questions, ill answer them later. ill text you them later, if youll give me your phone number. you squeal at the thought of a HOT famous guy wanting your number but you smile nicely and give it to him. he gets up, grabs you a coat off the coat rack and says "c'mon i wanna take you somewhere." you nod excitedly and leave after telling your mom where you were going"
    you turn on the radio and what makes you beautiful was on the station. you look at him nervously to see his expression but surprisingly he smiles and sings to it. you go crazy (in your mind) and works up your courage to sing too. he smiles wider and you notice that both of your voices sound good together. he smiles wider (if possible) and says "we're here" you look outside and sees its a house and it turns out he took you to where the guys play.ths time you smile. as soon as you open the door sweet smells come in and harry says "all of the others are gone, but the gutiars and stuff are in the basement" you run to the basement play around on the drums and the piano then you get tired as you notice harry laughing. you smile and say "what, i play like a totaly rockstar"
    he laughs again and says "ok watch me top that" he walks over to the piano. he plays and sings your favortie song. when hes done you're astonished but still in the competitive mood so you say "no fair, you have more experience" he agrees and sits on the couch then says "hey you were pretty good at singing, sing for me?" you sing "one thing" and he's smiling that flawless smile and says "____ that was beautiful" and kisses you on your cheek
  • PersonXD Experienced
    Here is my Hunger Games entry, at the last second.

    Name: Gregg Michelson

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    District: 5

    Skills: He is very good with words, and is very smart. He can take any electronic and program it to do what he would like. He can maim or kill most living things with his hands if need be, aka he is very strong. He is also very like-able.

    Looks: He has sandy blonde hair and is very tall. He has green eyes. His hair often falls in his face, blocking his vision making him seem clumsy, when in reality he is very agile and graceful. He has an air of elegance, boyish charm, and friendliness. He has very strong features and a square jaw line. Most people in his district find him to be a handsome and charming boy. He has very lean muscles. He would seem intimidating if not for the persistent smile on his face.

    Personality: He is very social and kind. He is afraid of honesty and feels that deception is best. He is liked by most and is very agreeable. He has many dark secrets and plans that could get him killed; therefor he has become a master of lies. No one, so far, has caught one of his lies. He finds life exciting, but likes to pretend he could care less about the days happenings. He is also very happy, he almost never frowns or raises his voice. He follows his instinct closely.

    Family background: His father and mother work in a power plant and his older brother (Robin, 21) works in a plant different from his parents. His family is very close and secretly hope the rebellion starts. He refused to let any of his family volunteer for him once he was chosen. He has a brother who is 7 (Christopher), and sister who is 14(Elizabeth), and twin brothers, Tom and Ralph, who are 16. If he makes it out of the Hunger Games he will start research on new types of power.

    How they act in the arena: He avoids people, on the rare occasion he runs into someone he persuades them to let him be, if they don't he kills them in a fit of cold blood. He is a great ally, and is very loyal.

    I hope you like it. :)
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    @Sage Parson - haha! It's okay! You helped a lot though! :)

    @scolionophobia - point for the rest of the story, when you can!

    @PersonXD - oueee! Thank you so much! :)
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    Sage Parson Novice
    I'm excited to see the results! Even if I don't win, I'll be excited to see the next part! Though, if I did win, THAT WOULD BE EPIC! :D

    Good luck to all who participated! :)

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