Hardest part of learning English to you?

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Thread Topic: Hardest part of learning English to you?

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    RainInTheShadows Experienced

    When I was really little, I would say things like, "food want me" because English words are ordered so strangely.
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    The Red Rose Junior
    The "silent letters " in words.



    .o. why the need of the K in front of these words? Every time I would say "ka-ni-fe" .
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    Slim_t Senior
    You're a native english speaker rain.....what are you taaalkimg about? There is no reason in the world for you to find English syntax awkward.

    Its not weird by the way, to assert ego, then define interactions that take place between the ego and material.
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    The Dude Novice
    True English is actually likely far more complex than I truly realize. I just look shut up, then try to say that word best I can. To hell with a dictionary's 'phonetical' sounding of a word.
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    Br0wnieBunny Senior
    Oh. Well English isn't that hard for me considering I'm a native speaker...
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    RainInTheShadows Experienced
    I'm actually not native to English and am offended but nice ignorance there.
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    SN1P3RL4ZY Novice
    English my second language for me its the grammer knowing where the comas go etc I still struggle(well forgot most of it)
  • FrenchGirl Newbie
    the silent letters
    and all the words that end in th cause i never know how to pronounce them (moth, both)
    also their R sound nothing like the french one, either it's silent or it sound like a w !

    like the word "french" sound like "fwench"
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    Spelling. It's one of least regular languages when it comes to spelling and pronunciation.

    What FrenchGirl said, but French language also has silent letters. The English R is more like pirate sound "Arrr" than "w" though.
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    Etini Novice
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    love54 Junior
    The silent letters annoy me...

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