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  • Be honest
    "Spasibo is Russian for thank you. I am flattered by all this love."
  • I'm pissed off
    "Russia has been making great effort to work with West against common threat of ISIS. We have been sending our military over there while Obam..."
  • "How do you identify with another gender? Does this mean you want the genitals of the opposite gender? Or is it based on trite stereotypes of..."
  • "When someone cannot back up their claims when pressed with simple curious inquiry, it usually means there is something wrong with their reas..."
  • "I am not being ignorant. I am asking a question. Do you not wish to pursue discussion?"
  • "I have question. What do you mean by identify?"
  • Hello people
    "Hello Kleine, nice to see you living."
  • Hello people
  • Hello people
    "Da. I am hopeful that Russia and West will unite on many issues though. Are you enjoying returning to the forums?"
  • Hello people
    "I am well. Tired from day of dealing with Obama, but otherwise fine."
  • Hello people
    "Hello. I will not ignore. How are you?"
  • Be honest
    "Spasibo, Nigel. Why?"
  • Be honest
    "Why don't you believe?"
  • I got a boy on my chin
    "My interest has changed slightly. I have for some reason started watching Spanish soap operas."
  • Awwww
    "That is precious."

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