Are you controlled by the media?

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In this age of great technological development, news is at a touch of fingertips. There is no excuse to believe a lie in a sea of truth. This quiz will inform you of which side you are on.

Do you believe everything the media tells you? That is the question your answers to my questions will answer. Do not hold back. This quiz will surely bring much fun and education.

Created by: Vladimir Putin
  1. Where do you get your news?
  2. Do you believe everything your preferred news sources tells you?
  3. Do you watch/read news sources from other countries so that you can understand each side's perspective?
  4. Can you name more than one television news outlet?
  5. When you watch a news program, can you notice when they report with slanted political bias?
  6. Do you believe everything your government tells you?
  7. Has your news source slandered any world leaders?
  8. Do you ever google current events to make sure you have all the facts?
  9. Do you only vote for your political party because of social pressure (from family, friends, coworkers, ect.)?
  10. Be honest. Do you really keep up with the news?

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Quiz topic: Am I controlled by the media?