Do I think like the media?

Our society is very much based on media - find out how much you have been affected by the media and if it has changed the way that you think and look at the world.

Have you been changed by the media? Find out by taking this quiz and seeing how much you have been affected by the media. It's hard not to be - in our society.

Created by: Izzy

  1. I see perfect skin as...
  2. When I look at advertisements do you...
  3. How exposed are you to media? (how many hours per day do you spend watching TV, on the internet etc apart from compulsory work etc)
  4. When watching an advertisement what do you generally focus on?
  5. Do you shop at popular stores?
  6. Do you compare yourself with models on TV etc?
  7. Does your hairstyle change depending on celebrities?
  8. Your friendship group are getting tattoos together because all of the celebrities are. You really don't want to, do you?
  9. Do you read fashion magazines a lot?
  10. Are most of your clothes big brands e.g. Converse, Hurley

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