1920's Media Quiz

The 1920's bring in a whole new group of ideas, and inventions. They are the stepping stone to some of today's new industries. This quiz is a way to tell if you know you're 1920's history.

Do you know the 1920's? Take our quiz and find out how well you read through the Media in the 20's website. If you read well, you'll do great!

Created by: Narcattack

  1. What were the first major radio broadcasting companies?
  2. What was the first serial program heard daily on the radio?
  3. How much did a television cost in the 1920's?
  4. What year did color television come out?
  5. What did Manufacturers use to promote their products?
  6. What did Manufacturers try to promote?
  7. How much did a children's ticket cost in the 1920's?
  8. Who were the "Big Five"?
  9. How much did newspapers cost in the 1920's?
  10. What was the fist magazine to be read by the people?

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