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So many people think that because they get a comment or two on their cat pictures that they now have command of social media. That is simply not true. It takes a cat, a cute puppy and two funny babies before you can really truly master the art of Social Media.

Today, we can definitively tell you whether or not you have a gift for all things digital. No need to wonder and lose sleep when you can find out...right here, right now. Am I a Social Media Expert?

Created by: Lisa of Lab3 Marketing
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  1. You post pictures of your cats daily to your Facebook business page?
  2. You sell, sell, sell instead of sharing relevant or educational information
  3. You never met a hashtag that you didn't like.
  4. You use words like guru, ninja and other douchey titles to describe yourself
  5. You don't create your own content?
  6. You use Twitter to post to Facebook and vice versa
  7. You think Pinterest is a phase
  8. Your timeline looks like a quote machine exploded on it.
  9. You tag everyone (*even if they aren't there) on your Facebook pictures to make sure you get maximum exposure for all posts.
  10. You still use QR codes.

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