Does he like me? (Over social media)

Finally, girls! Have you ever had that someone you thought you loved over social media, but didn't know for sure? He doesn't live that far away, so you could make plans and all?

Finally, I made a test about things boys may do if they have feelings for you over social media. It's pretty hard to tell since it's not in person, but if you notice a lot of these it should be a good sign:)

Created by: Danisha

  1. Does he text back quickly?
  2. Does he stay up late to talk to you?
  3. Does he text you "Goodnight/Goodmorning"?
  4. Does he call you cute names; beautiful, babe, cutie, etc.
  5. Does he try to make plans with you?
  6. Does he share things about his personal life with you?
  7. Does he share things about his personal life with you?
  8. Does he call/text you when he's with his friends?
  9. Does he try to make conversation with you?
  10. When you're talking on the phone and its quiet, is it awkward?

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