Weird food pairings

Thread Topic: Weird food pairings

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    Brat 123021 Novice
    ice cream and french fries
  • Ham and syrup! mmmm!
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    bellagirl Advanced
    Anything with ketchup...My own opinion
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    AnarchoGirl Newbie
    At school today during lunch me and my friends dared one of our friends to put:
    -veggie burger
    -and other stuff
    In their milk carton and then drink it and they did
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    dragonsfire Novice
    oranges and nacho cheese.
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    Pretzels dipped in applesauce and tortillas covered in butter and sour cream
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    ChameleonLeap Junior
    Pretzels and grapes.

    Pretzels and salami
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    Jello and Yogurt
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    ChameleonLeap Junior
    Potato chips and yogurt
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    Kandy dipped in Hot Sauce 🔥
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    Easter Newbie
    Marshmallow sweet potato casserole
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    Hermiony Newbie
    Hy, you might like this recipe for making a perfect birthday snack in just one or two minutes!So lets go!
    Peanut butter
    Cookies/crackers(they must be sweet!)
    Honey(optional but should be there!)
    Puffed rice(suppose to be sweet and is optional!)
    Now the following steps will get you to health birthday snack in 1/2 min, so let's go:
    step 1 take a banana/2/3 and slice it/them in half like what making a sandwich
    step 2
    Put peanut butter on the banana
    step 3
    put on some cookies/crackers
    add honey
    step 5
    sprinkle the puffed rice on the honey
    step 6
    enjoy your snack!😋
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    Hermiony Newbie
    Oh I get what you are talking about.Ok lets se…Chocolate and olives?
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    Hermiony Newbie
    And how do you change your GTQ picture and level up?

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