Weird food pairings

Thread Topic: Weird food pairings

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    Orange chicken and papaya
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    Etini Novice
    Macaroni and lemonade
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    CupcakesRuler Novice
    I once stuck a straw in my nostril and the other end was in orange soda, thinking it wouldn't go up my nose, and I wanted to amuse my sister and her friend, I sucked it up my nose. It hurt.
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    paigequizzy Novice
    ouch. uuuummmmmmm... French fries in vanilla pudding
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    Br0wnieBunny Hot Shot
    bananas and mayo
  • I like cottage cheese, garlic salt and fresh cracked pepper. Yeah it sounds weird but trust me it's delicious.
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    Ghetto Advanced
    chicken nuggets and bleu cheese

    it's like heaven I promise you
  • Le1F XI Newbie
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    Pepperoni and ranch
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    Ghetto Advanced
    brie and bacon like mMMMM it's so gooooooood

    (btw for those who don't know, Brie is a cheese)
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    2kan Experienced
    I know this is more than a pare but;

    Applesauce, mashed up banana, corn, and a little bit of chocolate milk all mixed together, it's delicious.
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    lazermazer Novice
    orange chocolate
    thai latte and mocha
    baked chicken nuggets and applesauce
  • imafancyjag Newbie
    One time me and my dad we both stuck our French fries in a frosty at Wendy's.
    And when I was a baby I took a grape yogurt and poured my moms coke into it.
  • Kid Fury Newbie
    ***barf***but my weird food is bke beans with egg and mayo
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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    Cucumber with peanuts inside and with Chile powder and sauce

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