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  • Spice Rack 2
    "Spoce This account is now a junior! Can you believe it!"
  • Confession
    "Omg egg, I can't believe it"
  • Rp
    "Someone else can make the plot I'm tired"
  • Draconite Thread
  • M.L.E
    "Well considering I feel much healthier now I'm guessing IRIS"
  • M.L.E
    "Yeah I'd guess that too buddy"
  • M.L.E
    "I don't know"
  • M.L.E
    "You have to delete one of the apps, choose wisely though because deleting the wrong app will instead kill me or you could delete the IRIS ap..."
  • M.L.E
    "Yes and IRIS has killed at least one hundred people she doesn't want you taking the Device she is bound to up to the police."
  • M.L.E
    "She is the true creator of IRIS."
  • M.L.E
    "The secret of what she did"
  • M.L.E
    "Understandable but she just trying to hide her dirty little secret"
  • M.L.E
    "Correct and her name is Anne"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "I enjoy the stage being active"

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