me giv shout outs to ppl

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when i level up, ima make the picture next to this paragraph my pfp. k, so that picture is actually from a show that my dad watches (keyboard's dad watches it too) called family guy.

i like the color orange, did u know dat? Ye, that's why i made my skin dat color. i luv u if u comment on dis quiz, tank u vewy much. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Created by: DonaldTrump69

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  1. typical normie- u so cool
  2. jeeshan- u fill me with wonder
  3. keyboard cousin- u r so nice, i happy to meet u
  4. dragonsfire- i like how u keep calm in the crazyest times
  5. rainintheshadows- ur awesome my frend.
  6. sprinkledspice- ur a good rp-er
  7. raynefall- u come up with the best comments. smart, but not rude
  8. the geek- ur such a geek
  9. ann marie- how cud i forget u
  10. le1f- u stole my typing style
  11. calmaty- i respect how u keep so calm
  12. ashl3y- i like the 3 in ur name
  13. katnisseverdeen1- ur halarious!
  14. doglover54- ur a newb but ur pretty cool
  15. keyboard- i know ur struggling, but i believe in u. u can do dis.
  16. and shout out to all the peeps who got thru this quiz
  17. that's all

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