I Forgot My Name may have to leave GTQ.

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Thread Topic: I Forgot My Name may have to leave GTQ.

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    firegirl88 Advanced
    Firegirl88 (Mandy)
    Tori is one of my best friends. We have many memories, and I would hope for more. She is one of the nicest people I know, and she has helped me through times when I needed it most. And, I can and will prove that me nor anyone else here that she's friends with is a creeper. She's sweet, kind are caring. If she left...I don't know what I would do...
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    Carrotop Novice
    -Carrotop (Hailey, Hayy, C, CT, you get the point.)

    Tori is like a big sister to me. I'm the oldest in my family, o I need omeone to lokk up to. She's one of the people I look up to. And I can assure you, this place is safe. Everyone here looks out for each other. We protect each other, like family. We are all just one big famy. Seeing Tori go, would make me want to leave. Tori is one of my best friends and she's always making me smile. She's nice and she never judges. When I'm down, she's there to pick me up. Without her , GoToQuiz.com just wouldn't be the same.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    I like her, and...why is she leaving again?
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    Kirby Novice
    I don't personally know I Forgot My Name well, but I pity those who are forced to leave something that they love, so I'm signing this thing.
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    Teresa22 Experienced

    MAH SISSEH! D: Plus I'd miss her a lot.
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    Hunterizcool Junior

    I don't care what happens, I'm just trying to fit in. lol.
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    SG115 Novice
    SG115 (smartie)

    Like everyone else said on this thread, Tori is an amazing friend to us all. She should not go away forever. Let her stay, for heaven's sake! >:O
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    SG115 Novice
    SG115 (Shorty)
  • luver888 Newbie
    i have no idea who he/she is (im new on gtq) but i dont him/her to leave here!
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    Selena112 Senior
    Selena112 (Selena/Emily)
    She's my GTQ daughter, and she has too much history here to leave.
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    I dont know her very well,but she seems nice so plwase let her stay.
  • yeahbuddy Novice
    nope I'm not putting my name because I don't sign!
    she called me girlfriend a whore and called me a b------ so I hope u never let her back on the site again!
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    The Coldest Sun Experienced
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    Zane Is Here Junior

    Tori is my best friend. Everything is fine on here and she is awesome :D please let her stay
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    ForteoftheNet Newbie

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