Can GTQ be an app

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Thread Topic: Can GTQ be an app

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    070085915 Senior
    I bet that it will get much more popularity that way.
    Also, it would be much easier for me and many other people.
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    breadboy69 Junior
    You would have to find someone willing to make an app and then probably have to ask gtq guy about it
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    TheLoveOfBands Hot Shot
    Not only that but Like

    Do we really want new users on here


    More cringe?

    Idk I kind of like how only like 10 of us are actually active on here *rough estimate might be more might be less i kind of don't come out of my thread you see*
    Makes the site feel more familiar that way. We all sort of know each other and stuff and ig that's what makes it gtq
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    yeah forreal gtq is like a little class in high school that a new kid joins every now and again

    i dig it that way
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    Magie Magic Senior

    I agree. However it would be nice to know that when people in the class graduate, there will be a bunch of new ones coming in.

    Like Im officially one of the older users on GTQ now. Where users like Stardust, and Bread Boy are newer users. And users like Puppet Master and ImaFancyJag arent on anymore.

    But I agree that I wouldnt want this site to be too big, like Facebook. I like that everyone has a basic idea about every active user. I just dont want GTQ to end up being non-active one day.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    i wouldn't exactly mind either way, but isn't that what the mobile version is for?
    sorry if im generalizing, if there's more to it feel free to correct me
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    Charity Advanced
    That's not what mobile version mean. Mobile just changes up the setup so there are no recent posts and so there are bubbles instead of boxes. Theyre talking about a completely different idea: an actual app to download and use.
  • Le1F Advanced
    its 2 years to be official older user
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    Magie Magic Senior
    Well Im not a Newbie. Thats one year.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Ugh, imagine we 10-20 people are the officially older users.

    A chunk of 100-200 newbies joins. Imagine how much authority we 10-20 users would have over them. They'd ask for our approval, ask help to us and would respect us. (A few of them would be against us, though.)

    This would make us authoritative figures. They'd look up to us. The site would grow, along with our amazingness.

    We older users would rule GoToQuiz!

    Also, with more newbies, there would be a selection of new wave of mods. And apparently, most of us -- the older users -- will become one of them.

    With more newbies, there'd be more engagement in the forums! More fun!

    GoToQuiz won't be deserted. And if GTQ Guy starts putting ads, he can get money too.

    It's a win-win!

    I'm totally in favor with the proposal of having an app.
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    Stardust1 Junior
    I think if you had 100-200 new users, you wouldn't get much respect. We might forget about you, in light of the fact that the newbies overrule the older users. The site would change dramatically with that many new users.

    But at the same time, the forums do die at certain times. Maybe you could make a small change, like putting the link to the forums on the home page. That way it gets a little more attention, but not too much.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    ah, i see. but in what ways would an app be different from the mobile version? what could we add that would want to make people download the app rather than just access the website on their browser on their phone? does an app just seem more convenient to you guys? imo, coding an entire app seems like a lot of work. sorry if i sound rude, i really don't mean to be, i'm just wondering if there will be a little more elaboration.
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    oh, are you guys trying to say that by putting gotoquiz in the app store, it will give it more attention? i guess i understand your point then.
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    ilovelions Senior
    The forum link should just be put back on the homepage
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    What Jazzy says is true at the same time.
    If I lose my touch with GTQ after the flood of newbies and do not remain active, I'll be just forgotten. Just like what has happened to most other oldbies.
    But that's what makes the thing adventurous. Your essence might be forgotten anytime; you gotta work hard to keep your presence.

    At any rate, all that I'm trying to say is, having an app would create GTQ more quickly accessible. But so would be done by putting the link back on the front page.

    Although I'm in favor of having an app.

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