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    meep da first Senior
    What are some cool date ideas?

    I've already gone to an amusement park and done M&M with my bf. I made a small list of some new ideas in case we want to go on another date some time after school starts.

    here's the list (it's a wip):

    -picnic (somewhere nice, obviously)
    -laser tag
    -a nice dinner
    -body painting (either at dawn or dusk)(on paper or each other's bodies)
    -the mall (a different one)

    any other ideas are welcome :)
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    Nuna Senior
    How long have y'all been together?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Warning! I’ve never dated and these are simply activities I enjoyed doing platonically with other people so really have no idea how it would work romantically.
    If both of you are into something then I’d suggest some kind of museum?
    Like a science museum, an art museum, or something of that sort? It’s a really chilled out kind of environment, so you’d be able to talk. I don’t know though some people can find that boring.
    An outdoor activity could be fun, you could check to see if there’s any cool ones in your area at the time.
    Maybe a coffee and sandwhich date at a boom shop or soemthing?
    Afternoon tea if your country has that? It’s a fun experience for sure.
    The beach is pretty fun.
    An arcade?
    Just something relaxed and chill like renting or buying a bunch of movies, and eating some junk and sweets.
  • the1andonly Novice
    the zoo & lunch is really fun. im not sure where you live but im toward the philly area so i go to the philly zoo
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    a boardwalk sorta place is always fun, if you have that
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    If you have a market or something in your area, going down those and trying new street foods is actually super fun!
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    meep da first Senior
    Nuna- It's hard to say only because we haven't really defined the relationship. I'd say about over a month, though, since that was our first date. We both definatly defined it as a date.

    Puppet- We wanted to do that, but my parents are still in a very protective phase since they don't know him as well as my ex. :/

    The1- That sounds like a good one. We have one here in SA. I'm not sure how much I'd like it considering i went as a kid and hated the smell of poop everywhere lol but I'm sure I can tolerate it now and enjoy the experience.

    Planes- I wish I lived close to one!

    Puppet- we might have one in a more rural area. I live in a big city area, but I'm sure I could find one somewhere.

    Thanks for the input, guys :) this gave me a few ideas
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    Nuna Senior
    I was gonna suggest if you had been together for a while to recreate your first date, but since it's only been a month maybe not.

    Got to an observatory or aquarium or zoo and have fun doing that. Maybe a museum. Do like a trip to one of those and then like a lunch date or go out for dessert.

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