Whats your favorite manga

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Thread Topic: Whats your favorite manga

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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    bc this forum is as stale as a piece of frozen bread.
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    I haven't read very many as of this day, but even still I'mma go with Berserk.
    I heard a lot of the forums are dying now. It's kind of sad, just because of some fond memories, but then again it's not really my problem.
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    Ericat Novice
    Howl's Moving Castle

    It's an anime/manga movie I watched with my cousin the other night, and it was also my first time watching anime. I LOVED IT!!!
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    i dont have time to even get into manga anymore really. come to think of it, not even your average everyday comics.
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Definitely Parasyte. 😊

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