Does anyone watch Deathnote?

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Thread Topic: Does anyone watch Deathnote?

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    bananabread Advanced
    Just started watching it, got like fifteen episodes in, and honestly the only reason I'm watching is because I can't wait for Light to get his s--- handed to him. I don't like him even though I get where he's coming from with getting rid of he "evil" but in that own sense he's becoming evil. Also, I just really hate how inflated his ego is when he refers to himself as a God. I really hope L is just like "Bam, he's Kira. Everyone get him."
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    Holy crap I love DeathNote. :)

    I am glad you've gotten into it and I won't spoil anything for you! :D
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    the_nerdist Experienced
    Gonna watch it soon. I'm just finishing up Tokyo Ghoul.
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    Ghetto Advanced
    I've already finished Death Note, and honestly I cried for a while. ;D
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    absol heart Senior
    Lel, nope. I may have watched FMA and around 2 seasons of SE, but I am never going to watch that mainstream trash. :D
  • Nikt Novice
    I like it :) And, I hate Light. I hope he'll pay for what he did. Team L (I watched all episodes, I just don't want to spoil)

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