What 'Dere' Type Do You Find Mostly Attractive?

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Thread Topic: What 'Dere' Type Do You Find Mostly Attractive?

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    Dandere-You may appear silent, or even emotionless at first, until someone "pulls the trigger" and it turns out you were just shy.

    Kuudere-Meaning, you seem cold and distant when you first meet someone, but you're sweet and affectionate once you get to know a person and come out of your shell.
    Much like a Tsundere, only more silent, and not as out spoken.

    Yandere-You may appear to be loving, adorable, and kind. But you can get very aggressive, obsessive, and/or violent when it comes to our affections.
    Some Yanderes are even willing to kill, just to keep the one they love to themselves.This Dere type tends to be considered the most dangerous one.

    Tsundere-he cliched, and cute, (in my opinion,) harsh and mean on the outside, and soft on the inside.
    You deny your feelings, and even act rudely. Sometimes you mean the opposite of what you say. But you're honestly really sweet and/or a softy when someone breaks your barrier.

    Himedere-You are a person who expects everyone to treat you like a princess, whether you are one or not.
    You tend to act spoiled, or even behave as a Tsundere. You have a lot of expectations from everyone.
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    I think I'm like the first three
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    rvelez Senior
    I love kuuderes.
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    First four acctually didin't read the top one
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    absol heart Senior
    dandere, mostly because thats me at school XD
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    Br0wnieBunny Hot Shot
    I love all of them but yanderes and kimderes. Those characters make me hate them because of their behavior. The only exception is Russia from Hetalia. He's alright.

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