Forever and Always pt.9

Finally Part 9 is out! Ugh my thumbs hurt its actually harder then it looks doing this by phone so Idk when Part 10 is coming hopefully soon though and please hope my internet will be fixed soon

To lazy to put the guys descriptions:p if you don't remember what happend I suggest you go back to part 8 and blah blah blah typing random things for this to continue. Enjoy:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. It was as if you were on a rollercoaster falling blindly, but you had no seatbelt or rail for you to hold on to. Then you land flat on your face, and you feel you nose bleeding. You look up and your back at the Aztec Temples present time. Your hair is messed up and the guys are bearly appering a few feet from the ground. They wake up and you look around and there is so many people(From the present time) just staring at all of you. Then a women from the crowd ask "Are you guyz gonna act for us or something?" "What?" You say but you realize that your in the clothes you were going to get sacrificed in, and the guys are in some rags only covering their bottum part, while all their glorious abbs are showing.
  2. "No, we were just leaving." You say. You all the girsl your age cheaking out the guyz. You feel a bit jealous, but dont let it get to you cuz none of them are your bf or anything. But you had a moment with all of them. You all walk away with all eyes on you. (Lol reminds of the song "All eyes on me" By Tupac XD) When you get in the car, it was quiet cuz everyone was exhausted. "How did you do that?" Chris ask you. You tiredly turn your head to him. "Do what?" "The lightning." Then the car pulled over and everyone stared at you. "I really don't know..." "What was your emotion?" "I wasn't angry thats for sure, I felt more like calm and at peace for some reason. I guess it was because I was thinking about the happy memories..."
  3. **CYRUS'S P.O.V** I learned alot about the child. His name is william but he prefers willy. He told me how ______ always protected him. He told me that she didnt go to school anymore and works all the time but always has time to play with him. I also learned 'the mans name' they call him Stryker. He would always hit the poor child, last time he broke his arm, I healed it. But Willy is strong, nothing can break his small, strong spirit. He's so much like _______. They took him again about 20 minutes again I could hear crying, and screaming from him. I awlays cry, because he's only a child and also how cruel and sick a man could be.
  4. **STILL CYRUS'S P.O.V** They threw him in the cell like a doll. When they closed the door I ran to him and saw his wounds. He is bleeding from his mouth. "Why do they keep hurting me?" "I don't know." I say my hands start glowing and start healing his wounds. "When will _____ come? She promised me." He started crying. "Don't cry Willy, she's coming. Did she tell you anything?" He thought about it. "She told me "You will forever be in my heart, and I always find you.""
  5. **YOUR P.O.V** You guys are on your way to the airport. "Nick, where are we going?" He looks at you and smiles "We're going to London." "Oh, okay... How do you always find our next location?" He holds up the worn out leather book. The book that made you see something. "Is that your book?" "No, I found it." 'Weird...' You think to yourself. "What gemstone is in london?" "Not at London, at the stonehenges. The Earth gem is there its called Nephrite it helps the owner to find firm ground, to gain confidence. They call for a constancy, erase any lingering doubts, balance mentality and strengthen physical health and endurance." "Whoa thats a long one. Wait, Is that why your always so confident?" He just smiles and looks at you with his violet eyes. "Maybe."
  6. You guys arrive at the airport and the guys send you to go get some snacks while they're getting the tickets but Alex tags along with you. You go to a McDonald's and order 4 chicken sandwiches and one of those yogurt things. While your taking spoonfuls of your yogurt you offer Alex some. "Nah, I'm good." "You sure cuz its pretty good." "I don't like yogurt." "Who doesn't like yogurt?" "I don't cuz I nearly died when I was 12." "What does it have to do with yogurt." "I kinda choked on it." You almost spit out your yogurt cuz you were laughing. "Explain to me how you choke on yogurt." "Well, swallowing yogurt isn't always so easy as it looks." "Well, ill make sur-" you run into some one look up and see a pair of exotic green eyes looking down at you.
  7. "I am so sorry." You say and shove your yogurt into Alex's hand and got a napkin. You thought it would be weird to just start cleaning his black shirt. So you just hand it to him. "It's all right." He says. You get a better look at him and he is way taller then you by 5 inches, he has shaggy black hair that slightly cover his eyes he's lean but is well built at the same time, and is really pale, so pale you would think he's albino but his lips are natural color of red most girls would kill for.
  8. He's also wearing all black which makes him look like a blacknwhite picture with his eyes and lips colored in. "Uh-________ we got to go." Alex says. The guy smiles "I.didnt catch your name." He says completely ignoring Alex and just looking straight at you in the eyes which make you lose your words. "Uhh- my name is _______." "My name is Cam, and not to be rude but is that your boyfriend?" He says looking at Alex. "No, but we're close friends." You say. Alex looks irritated "C'mon, orelse we're going to miss our flight." He says a little grouchy. Cam smiles "Nice to meet you ______ we should hang out sometime, here-" he takes out a small paper and puts it in your hand. "Call me."
  9. When he leaves Alex says "Creep." You hit his shoulder "He was no creep." "He had creep writen all over his face!" "Which reminds me, what was that all about Mr.Gouchy." "You really think I would just stand there while some guy was hitting on you?" You smile "He was hitting on me?" "Not the point." You get to the guys and both of you mention nothing about what just happend. "Who am I sitting next to?" The Chris, Jason, and Nick all say at the same time "Alex." They say not to excited.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Not to much of a great cliffhanger but oh well. Anywho, I am so glad I came up with Cam and I hope you guys enjoyed it:)

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