Forever and Always pt.3

Hey guyyyys welcome to part 3 on my Forever and Always series! if you haven't taken the fist two parts please do because then you'll just get confused and I don't think you want that....

Anyways too lazy to put the guys descriptions:P if you don't remember then just go back to part 1. BLAH BLAH BLAH TYPING RANDOM THINGS FOR THE THING TO LET ME CONTINUE! Enjoy!:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Recap: You get to know the guys a little more and find out what "the man" wants and grind out that your going to Mexico.
  2. You get confused "Mexico? Why Mexico?" Nick looks down at you "Because that's where one of the peices are." "How are we going to afford it-scratch that- how am I going to afford it. I mean I can nearly afford this." You say and point out the small apartment. He laughs and looks straight into your eyes "You think we would come here unprepared?" You truthfully nod yes. He gives you the cutest half-smile you'be ever seen which makes you hypnotized. You didn't realize what you were doing till you herd someone clear his throat. You realize that both you and him were going to lean in for a kiss. You immediately feel awkward and blush hard and it looks like Nick wasn't regreting anything and all the guys looked at him in envy. "Um-yeah-uh-I'll just go that way." You awkwardly walk to the other side of the room and sit on the small chair.
  3. "Anyways as I was saying... I can't afford crap." Chris takes a small golden rectangle from his pocket and slides it to you. You hold it closer to your face and realize its a credit card "What's this?" His face showed disappointment "Arnt you a normal girl? It's a credit card you should be jumping with delight." "You really think after what you told me about a stupid gem, stupid five people taking it apart, and them stupidly scattering them around the world, you think I will ever be normal again?" He chuckles at your response "I guess I thought wrong, anywho that's yours use it however you want." "Dude I don't want your money. I'll find the money somehow." You try to give it back "just take it as a gift and besides you do need it everyone here has a credit card." You do a sour face "Fine I'll take and not because I need it!" He laughs "Alright." There's still a smile on his face as you start looking at the credit card "It's plattum so you can't really break it." "I know what it is. But the real question is how do you use it?"
  4. "Okay fist you put it upsidedown like this-" Alex puts his credit upsidedown "And swipe it in the magical machine-" Then he swipes it "Then you type four little magical numbers." he pretends to type with one hand "And wala!" You do this face-_- "Im not that stupid." You continue to start looking at it at it more "How did you get this?" "We have our ways." Alex says then winks at you. "YOU STOLE IT??!" "Not exactly.... more like borrowing it tempuarly." "What do you mean tempuarly?" "The people who owned these are dead." "Ever hear about respect for the dead?" "Nvm about that just, use the credit card and it has unlimited money, because brainiac over here-" he loops his arm around nick "Hacked into it." You keep doing this face-_- and Alex keeps smiling.
  5. "Okay... well i guess i need to start packing..." "Want me to help you?" Jason offers "Sure." You say the guys leave and its the two of you... alone. He walks over to some drawers and is about to open it when you shove it right back in "Don't pack this drawer, just go back and clean out my closet." He look at you confused "Uh-why?" You blush with embarrasment with what you know is in the drawer (It's your bras and underwear) "Lets just say i don't like people packing my.... undergarnments." "Ooooh I know what you mean, don't get embarrassed I have a little sister and trust me i've packed worse. she's 14 now..." You see that theres pain in his eyes "Was she taken?" He nods slowly and goes to your closet and starts folding things. You want to comfort him and say everything will be alright but the truth is.. you really dont know. You sit next to him and put your hand on top of his. "We'll find the Dragons Heart and everything will be fine. And we'll get our families." He looks up at you and smiles, you smile back and go back to the drawers and start packing.
  6. By the time youur done packing you realize that you don't have a whole lot of clothes. 'When was the last time i went shopping?' you think to yourself. The guys start putting your stuff in the car. You all get in the 8 seat honda, you get in the back and think 'This is very roomy.' you get comfortable and Chris sits next to you. You all ride in comfortable silence while listening to the radio "Chris?" He looks at you straight in the eye and your just mesmerized by them "Where exactly are you going? I know you said Mexico but which town/city are we going to?" "We're going to mexico city." You start getting excited, he says "We're going to visit the Aztec Temples." When you were in school religions was always your favorite subject and you were always fasinated by the Aztecs "Whats going to be there?" He smiles "A gem called Zircon is the gem of fire is there, It has the power to "recharge" the body of its wearer and gives the impulse to immediatly take action. Also it gives you the power to control fire." "Like that isn't obvious... anyways i assume your happy because you have these powers?" "Oh yeaaaa-" he looks towards the guys "You know, she still has to train!" Great.
  7. You didn't really think about your powers till now "Train?" "Uh-huh, your parents never told you about your powers when you turned 15?." You get stiff and whisper "They never got The chance too..." It gets quiet then Chris ask "Where are they? Were they taken like your brother?" You close your eyes and one tear drop slowly goes down your cheek. You nod no. "Okay, I don't know about you guys but I am starving!" Alex says immediately lifting the mood you smile and give a small laugh "Didn't you just eat Alex?" He turns his head towards you "Hey, my hot abbs gotta eat too."
  8. You guys stop by to eat at an almost empty dinner. When you take your seats and all order. You see a small boy that looks Like willy. You're about to run over there and just grab him and hug him so tight till Nick grabs you and tells you to look more closely at him. The little boy has green eyes instead of brown and his face is nothing compared to your brother. You sigh and go back to eating what ever. You and the guys start talking about random things to bannanas to rocket ships to the stars to a fish just a lot if random things then you say "I'll be right back I need to go to the bathroom." They nod and go back to talking. When your done doing your bussiness and in the middle of washing your hands you see a guy from the reflection if mirror. You turn around and see that there are two guys and they look a little drunk. "Excuse me but I don't think your suppose to be here."
  9. They start laughing "Wana have some fun cutie?" One of them says you start getting scared when they start coming towards you "No thank you and if you'll excuse me." You try going around them but one of them blocks the door and locks it. "Don't be rude, hang out with us for a little bit." They smile and grab you. You scream at the top if your lungs and try to escape but its no use they're too strong. Then you hear people banging the door and the guys shout "______! Whats going on?! ______!" Then you shout "Guys help!!!! I'm going to get ra-" your cut off by one of the guys putting a hand over your mouth. And when they get you on the ground and start trying to take off your pants you see a huge boulder take the door down and the guys run in Chris looks so mad its scary, jason comes by your side and conforts you, while Nick and Alex are jumpin in the guys who tried to rape you.
  10. "_______ are you alright?" Jason asks, and suprisingly your calm and and say "Yea I'm fine." Jason takes you outside of the bathroom while you see chris, Nick, and Alex still whoopen on the guys you spit on them as you walk by. "Jason?" "Yea?" "Who threw the rock?" "Nick did." All you can manage was an "Oh." When the guys are done Chris hugs you "I was worried there for a minute. And _____?" "Yes?" "Your underwear is blue." You look down and realize that your pants are kinda off you and unbuttoned. Chris looks like hes about to punch a tree. You fix your pants and look at all of them "Guys I think when we star training, ill go with self defence first." They all looked a little relieved then Alex says "Don't worry I got a few moves I'd like to show you." He winks at you.

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