Forever and Always pt.22

Hey guys sorry for being late and I will apoligize for all eternity for being so late on doing this so unbeleivably slow. And I gotta admikt this is a pretty great part:D


Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. OH MY BOB. IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I missed you guys! Did you miss me too?:') Lol jk xD anywho I am terribly sorry for taking YEARS to wright this, I feel bad for leaving you guys like that v.v It was cuz of my stepdad and drama with the family-.- but I do have my other series out "Secrets" If you don't remember:) But anywho enjoy!:)
  2. You slowly open your eyes and see that youre still at the small lagoon, youre laying on your side on top of soft grass and the only thing thats keeping you warm is Alexs arm whcih is wrapped securly around you. You Wiggle yourself free and sit up, you smile and touch your lips remebering last night. You crawl to the water and splash water on your face and you look into your refection, when the water settles you see something white standing next to you, you look to your right and nothing is there, so you look back in the water and see that the white figure had icy blue eyes starring directly at you. You stand there frightend and curious, but you have a feeling itll be a bad idea idea to touch the water so you decide to wake up Alex.
  3. **JASON'S P.O.V LAST NIGHT** I watch from my window as Alex and ______ walk hand in hand through the Jungle. I watch sadly as they keep walking further and further into the Jungle. "Using your specail "gifts" To watch her now?" I hear someone say behind me. I see Cam casualy laying on my bed flipping through my sketchs. "You've gotten really good at this." He says throwing on the bed as he stands up. I just stare at him, "I know why you're here and I'm sorry." I say feeling guilty for blamming the strange thing in the forest on him. Suprisingly he smiles "I accept your apoligy but thats only the 1st reason why I'm here, I'm acualy here to talk about N-""He'll never agree." I cut him off. "What we're asking of him is too much, he doesn't even know how strong he is." "Yes I know but it's a matter of Life and Death for _____." I stop breathing for a second. "What? But I tho-""You thought wrong we're only partners, not friends. And HE wants a challenge." I felt sick, why would Cam agree to this?! I turn back to looke outside the window. "I don't have a choice." He swhispers. "The guys already think youre evil, they'll kill you on sight." I say sounding a bit rude "Gesh pessimist much?" "No just being a realist."
  4. *STILL JASON P.O.V** I can still see them practicing on their powers. Knowing Alex I know he'll try to make a move. "Why are you watching them?" Cam asks still flipping through all my sketches. "You know it'll hurt to watch, think about it _____ in Alexs arms him kissi-""Shut up Cam." I say sternly. I could hear a smile in his voice "Ahh, looks like you did fall for her." He says laughing. "You know at the end you cant have her, our "charm" is too much for humans to handle." "It's not like you havent fallen for her already." Theres silence, he's about to take out another cigeratte but I motion for him not to. He puts it away and leans against the windo also watching them. "But the thing is... I know at the end I can't have her. No one can."
  5. **YOUR POV** On the way back to the house, Alex gives you a piggy back ride. And you blush the whole way back cuz the only way your head can rest is if you out it right next to his. You cant really see how the wheather is because of the thick trees above, but it's a bit chilly from what you can feel. Once you reach the beach you see that the sky is a dark grey, the trees are shaking violently in the wind, and the waves are getting bigge and bigger by the second. Then in the distance Chris is running towards you guys. He finally reaches you and shouts "Where the hell have you been?!" "We were ju-""Nevernind come on! Theres a hurricane coming!" All you run as fast as you can back to the house and once you get there you see that the windows are all blocked with wood and furniture.
  6. Nick is setting some candles around and Jason he's sitting down at the table looking at you with betrayel and regret written in his eyes but his face is totaly composed on looking at you two with happiness that you returned. "Where have you been?" Nick says dropping the candles and running towards you to give you hug. "Uh training," You say smiling "We didnt realize we took so long." "Well atleast you made it back safe." Jason says from the back and gives you a hug also. "So, whats going on?" You ask. "HUrricane it kinda caught us off guard its going to be a few hours we're only getting the tip of the storm." "Is there time to shower?" You ask because you smell like grass and dirt. "Uh no. Theres no electricity thats why I got the candles." Replies Nick pointing out the candles. "So whos up for a campfire?" Says Chris smiling and rubbing his hands while starring at the center of the living room.
  7. Alex raises his hand "I'm in!" "No! We could sufficate!" Jason says. Chris frowns at him "Aw come on! ____ is cold and I'm bored, you're bored, everyones bored! Don't be such a pharfie phoofer." "No." Jason looks at him not amused and Chris jst continues to frown at him, then all the sudden smiles. "Fine if you won't let MY powers keep her warm, looks like I'm going to have to do something." Chris runs out of the room while all of you are left confused. He comes back with a blanket and covers both you and him, and he wraps his arm around you and you find this familiar somehow. Then you smile remebering the memory of the two of you in mexico, He also smiles while looking at you and whispers in your ear "I will never forget"
  8. All of you are sitting in a circle while Nick and Alex are having a little war. Nick is throwing little pebbles at him and Alex is throwing frozen droplets back him while all of you are betting who will win. Then something weird happens. All of you are starting to feel rain fall on you. "Alex stop playing youre getting us wet." You say snuggling closer to chris. "I swear to Bob i am not causeing this." he says putting his hands up in surrender. Then the droplets of water start going to the center of where you guys are sitting and all of you stare at it as the droplets are smoothly gluiding to the center and it all goes into a perfect circle, too perfect. Then the candles go out but suprisingly you can see because the water is glowing. It's the same glow and color you saw when you were training.
  9. Then the water begins to rise, very slowly, then it starts becoming a figure, of a human, then a young man forms, and he is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. "No!" Jason screams but the guys are thrown backwards and frozen against the wall. But you just continue to stare at him, nothing else seemed to matter for you. "Come with me." He says as he stares at you with those icy blue eyes, they seem familiar but you shrug it off he's so beautiful nothing mattered in the world but his voice. "Come with me and we can go away togther."
  10. **JASONS POV** "WATER DEMON!!" I shout towards the guys. we're all frozen against opposite walls. We all stare at _____who's against the wall and is starring at the water demon in awe and admiration and is whispering yes and slowly crawling towards it. "ALEX DO SOMETHING!!!" Chris shouts. "CAN'T YOU SEE IM TRYING YOU SH-THEAD!!! ______!!!!" He's screaming his a-- off and trying to break free of the ice chains. I'm calm. All I have to do is wait.
  11. **YOUR POV** I hear little voices telling me to turn away, but I won't. "_____, come with me and we can be together forever." All the sudden I have a vision of being warm, comforted, and feeling alive. No nightmares, no hurt. Just peace.
  12. **NICK'S POV** I see as _____ gets closer and closer to the creature. Onn the outside there might be beauty but on the insdie I know it just wants to kill her. I start tearing up. Theres absolutly nothing anyone can do. I look towards Jason and he's calm. And it pisses me off. I start cussing him out. Shouting why he won't do anything. Then I look towards _____ and the demon is picking her up by the chin as if she's air. I start sobbing. When she kisses him, she'll die. I see that their lips are only inches apart. I look down, I can'watch. Watch hyer go away. Die like the rest of the people I cared about. I didn't get the chance to tell her that I l-BOOM! I look at the source of the noise and hard rain starts pouring down on mew. Half the roof is ripped off and the only source of light is the demon. Theres great wind that blows right past me and rips _____ from the demon and throws her against the wall. She's consious but just starring at everything. The shadow thats standing over her has giant balck wings and the fugure is pale. It's standing over her in a protection stance. Then looks up at the demon and the only thing I see is a wicked smile, and glowing dangerous green eyes.
  13. **NICKS POV** The demon looks at him, and it looks pissed. It face and limbs start to get weirdly long. It's muscels turn to bone. It's skin goes from a porcelin white, to a dirty gray/white that makes you feel dirty. Then it crouches over and lets out a a earpeircing roar/scream and charges. He licks the demons face to the side. He tries to kill it buy freezing the water around it and making it sharp but it's skin won't budge. It isn't looking at him. It's eyes are starring straight at _____. He sees that it sin't budging and keeps trying to run straight at ______. He starts getting frutrated and takes it's wings and throws multiple knives at it and sharp wing. It's thrown backwards and it starts bleeding. He grabs _____ and starts to fly towards the sky. Trying to dissapear. But the demon heals and takes the rain from the air and aims it to his wings. He starts falling down and lands on on his back making ____ safe but in shock. He gently pushes her on his side, and moans in pain, theres alot of blood on the ground. The demon sprints towards _____ but he rolls on top of her and raps her in his wings for protection. But the demon easily throws him off and grabs her by her neck. He's weak and ______ is going to die.
  14. **NICKS POV** "NO!!!!" I shout. He's still on the ground struggling to get up. The deomn quickly transforms back into a human form and picks her up and starts bring her to his lips.He shoots up and poses his hands in the direction of chris and he's free but is frozen and looking frantically all around the room. The demon is about to kiss _____ when he shouts "Accio Inferio rales!" And Chris screams and is floating in the air looking totured and somthing in his chest starts to glow and his shirt blazes on fire and quickly turns to ash and a circle sloly floats in front of his chest then blazing fire shoots out towards the demon and chris screams a blod curling, heart wrenching scream. The demon drops ____ and starts falling to the ground slowly dying. Chris's body is in a totured postition in the air. Color slowly draining from every inch of his body.Fueling the fire bazling out of him. The deomn looks at ____ then sinks into the floor and dissapears. Chris falls to the ground and is unconsious. He looks at _____ then at the sky. And flys away. Goes away as quickly as he came.
  15. **JASONS POV** I sit next to Chris's unconious body, everyones fallen asleep. I cheak his pulse and blood pressure. I look at ______ who's eyes look tired and worn out from crying so much. She fell asleep holding chris's hand. I carry her to the next room and tuck her into bed. I go bak into the room Chris is at, I sit down and stare at him. Then I break down. I sob and sob. My lips start to shake and tears build up quickly and fall fast. I bend over trying to suck it in and not make any noise but it hurts too much to hold it in so, I let out a yelp, The loss of breath, I'm not crying outloud I just yelp hopelessly. My vision is blurry. "You've always been the sensative one." I hear someone speak. I suck in a breath "Cam." I look up and he's shirtless, and has his large black wings tucked nicley behind him, and they look pretty beat up. He notices me starring "It's nice for them to let lose and besides I'm waiting for these things to heal." He stares at Chris. "Poor kid. Doesn't even know how much power he has." I glare at him. "f--- you." He laughs. "Come on lighten up, he's going to wake up soon." "You think this is a joke? Someone is going to die!" He just continues to stare at me with no emotion. "I know." ":WTf Cam!!!! What is wrong with you! These kids are all in danger becau-" I cut myself off. "Because of what?" He laughs. "Exactly so hutup and deal with it. I can't do anything. I know what will happen and if I tell you, you'll die and so will the rest."
  16. CLIFFHANGER!!! Not much to say except apoligze for all eternity. And say Please comment rate or whatever:)
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