Forever and Always pt.21

PLEASE READ!!! hey guys:D ik its been a while and stuff and just to tell you since its been a while I put a mash up of 1-1/2 parts in here for to catch up:D I'm currently making part two of secrets and if you haven't read it you better read it its awesome!

Blah blah blah blah. *singing raise your glass* JUST COME ON RAISE YOUR GLASS s--- my glass is empty, well this sucks. SO IF YOU'RE TO COOL FOR SCHOOL AND TREATED LIKE A FOOL *stops singing* I dnt know the rest of the lyrics xD

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Okay recap: You arrive at the island, you have an interesting encounter with a strangly beautiful bull and now you're just waking up from a really long nap.
  2. You slowly open your eyes as you feel the sun slightly touch your face, you get up and see that theres a slight breeze coming in through the window and the curtains slowly swishing from side to side. You smile as you smell the freash scent of ocean water and wild flowers. It's bearly dawn, and you know it'll be a while till the guys wake up and you really want to walk around the beach. You were curious so you just slipped on some shorts and a tanktop. You just grabbed some sandels and quetly rushed to the door.
  3. It's slightly breezy outside and its not hot, its just perfect. You walk on the beach abiding getting to close to the jungle, because obviously its dark and creepy in there so you just walk along the shore, looking mindlessly towards the ocean. You see a few sea shells that are strangly turning colors, you want some so you kick off your damsels and run towards the water like a little kid. Before the water rushes back to you, you run away from it trying not to get wet. When you're in a safe zone where the water won't get you. You look at the sea shells and realize that they're sea dollars (if you don't know what they are they are white round shells with a naturally formed flower in the middle) you never seen one except on the tv, so you Kay on your tummy on the soft cool white sand and you don't really care if sand gets in your hair. You just lay there just starring blankly at the jungle. It sounds mysterious in there, with all the noise it strangky sounds peacful so you slowly rest your eyes, just thinking of all the wonderful things that had happend over the past few weeks. And also the most horrible....
  4. **CYRUS'S P.O.V** Here isn't much to say besided the fact that I'm dieing... Willy is not getting any better and I don't have enough power within me to hold on very long. There is another way to save him... I look at him. He's asleep right now I managed to make a comfortable bed with they hay that's around here. Everyone else, well they're gone. Now its just me and this young boy. I can't leave him alone. But its the only way to save him...
  5. **YOUR P.O.V** You wake up suddenly to the feeling of water at your feet. You look towards your feet and see that the tide went a bit up. You look at the sun and could tell its about 8:30 in the morning. You get up and start walking back you don't want the guys to worry about you this early in the morning. You walk without any feeling just the feeling of peace. Then you hear a twig snap in the direction of the jungle on your right side. You cautiously look towards where the sound was and see a black figure laying on one of the trees. You look more closely at it and realize its a panther. It's a fairly large one with black fur and strangly exotic green eyes which look a bit like human eyes and remind you of someone, but you shake it off and quickly run away from it won't attack you.
  6. When you stop running and finally catch a breath you see the house not that far away, again you instinctively look at the water becasue of the wave crashing and you see someone surfing. You get more close to the water and see that its Chris, your mouth drops at what you see. His blond hair is a bit messy because its wet, his body us nice and tan and its glittering a little because he's wet, his eyes look so mesmerizing. And the way his body is moving on the surf board you could tell this isn't his first time. He gets back on the sand and sees you, then smiles. He note to you ad your eyes widen at such beauty. "Damn." After about a second you realize that that was suppose to stay in your head. You're hoping he didn't hear that. Lucky for you he didn't. "Hey what's up _____?" He says while putting his surf board down. "Um nothing just walking back to the house." You say studdering a bit. "Okay, well anyways wana hang out?" He asks smiling at you. "But don't I have training in a little bit?" "Actually Alex likes training at night so we got plenty of time." "Okay then, sure." "Just one question before you go-" he says standing in front of you. "Would you mind it if you got wet right now?" You're curious on why he would ask that so you look down at your clothes and you don't really have your favorite clothes on so you didn't mind. "No not really." Once you said no you understood why he asked that. He suddenly picked you up threw you over his shoulder and ran at full speed towards the water.
  7. "AHHHH!!!" You scream trying to wiggle yourself free, you feel Chris smiling with delight. Then you feel yourself being thrown down and the water is cool not freezing. You get up and your soaked and Chris is just smiling while on top of you. "You're nice!" You say while sticking your tounge out. Then a wave crashes on both you and rolls you back to shallower water. You land on your face and just stay there, looking like a starfish. You feel nudging on your hip "Hey, you alive in there." "No, Im dead and you murdered me." You turn to face him only moving your head. "Well okay "ghost of _____"" He says adding air quotes. "Ever surf before?" "Nope, and Im not planning too." "Awww come on just give it a try." You look at the surf board and at the huge waves. "Fiiine, but if I die again it's on you." He smiles and nods, then walks away to get the suf board. You look down at your wet clothes. "Hey I need a bathingsuit!" He runs back to you with the surf boards and smiles while rubbing his chin, thinking. "You could always just take off your clothes and swim in your br-" You smack him on the arm. "What? Im only suggesting." "Well stop suggesting too much!"
  8. You feel like thats something Alex would say, You put your hand on his bare shoulder and you try hard not to blush by touching his bare skin "Son, I bealeive Alex is a bad influence." You say pointing your chin up trying to look older. He turns his head towards your, which is still on his shoulder and sofly kisses it. "Sorry m'am." Your heart starts beating a little fast, as he's leaning in. He plays with you and kisses the corner of your lip and his lips curl up into a smile. He puts his hand on your hip and starts really leaning in and just when his lips are so close to yours and you could smell the scent of pineapple, you hear someone call out your name. You look behind Chris as he misses you and see that it's Jason stadning in fron of the house only looking like a small figure. "Yes?!" You shout for him to hear. "We need to talk!" You nod and look back at Chris who's looking a bit sad, "Well-um-yea I got to go." You say as you start walking away. After about a sec you start to feel bad you run back jump on him but manages not to fall and you kiss him, and it takes him by suprise but kisses you back, you feel his lean fit body against yours and his bare back, he holds you from your hips and hugs you. After about 15 seconds you let go, smile, and walk away.
  9. By the time you reach Jason, in the living rooom he has a worried/frustrated expression on his face. You remember the night he got stabbed and healed so fast it's utterally impossible to notice anything on his back. "Whats up?" You ask as you sit down on the soft couch. He looks hesitant as if trying to deciding something in his head. "Um-I don't really know how to say this. I know you're still really curious on what happend that night.." You start getting a bit excited on what you've finally wanted to here. "But I still can't tell you." Your hopes get crushed but you wonder why he wanted to talk to you and not say anything. "If you're not going to say anything, then why did you call me?" He takes a deep breath. "it's just-"He looks into your eyes and see that he's in pain on the inside. "Do me a favor and stay out of the jungle and please don't leave your windows open." "Why?" "Cam." You still don't know what to feel about Cam, you assum he's on the evil peoples side but you have a feeling he's protecting you somehow. But you understand why Jason worries. "Please..." You say trying to make puppy dog eyes, "Please expl-""If you knew, it would kill you, can you please just wait a little while longer I promise to explain eventually." You nod relunctatnly but still don't understand.
  10. *FAST FOWARD* You're in your room reading and it's about 8 pm right now. You're reading peacfully on your bed, when you hear a knock at your door. "Come in!" You say not taking your eyes off the screen. You feel somone jump onto your bed and lay next to you, which startels you a bit. You drop the book and lose you page and see that Alex is laying next to you. "Alex!" You smack his shoulder "You made me lose my page!" You get up but once you do Alex pulls you down again, while hugging you tightly. "May I help you sir?" You say looking up at him. "Sorry just bored." "And why do you decide to mess with me?" "Because Chris is getting kinda boring *whispers* I think he's on to me! And also because you have the funniest expressions on your face." You stick your tongue out at him and wiggle yourself free. "And also you should get ready you're leaving with me in a little bit to train." "Why at night? Night is creepy!" "Just get ready." He smiles and makes his way towards the door. But stop and and looks at you. "Unless you have something else in mind that we can do." You throw a pillow at him but it misses him as he runs out the room. You roll your eyes and assum that you're going to get wet so you put on your bathing suit and just put on some gym shorts. And just leave your hair down.
  11. You walk out of your room and see the back of Alex's head on the couch. "Ready." You announce and he gets up and your mouth drops to the floor as you see his glorious body. You're blushing hard at what you see. You stand there with your eyes wide and your heart beating so hard you can hear it in your ears. Alex smiles "Don't worry I get that kinda reaction alot." You fix yourself. "Don't flatter yourself." He chuckels and gets a bag. He leads you outside, and you see that it's a full moon. And it's the only source of light you have right now. Alex leads you to the jungle before you walk inthere you stop. You remeber what Jason told you about not going in there. Alex hears you stop and turns towards you. "Whats wrong?" "Nothing, just... are you sure it's safe?" "Scared of the dark?" You slowly nod. "Don't worry-" He grabs your hand"-I am too."
  12. The two of you walk hand in hand through the darkness of the jungle. You hear many different animal sounds you've never heard before. You're curious but at the same time scarred. Theres alot of things tounching you at different places of your bare skin (leaves, trees, bushes etc.) You take deep breaths to make you imagination calm down, and not think theres monster out there. About 20 ft in front of you, you can see a small opening, but it's too far away for you to make the description out clearly. As Alex leads you more closely, you can see it glowing a soft blue. You assum something is reflecting the moon light. He leads you into the opening. And the veiw takes your breath away. It's a small lagoon, with a waterfall that gently pours into the water, different colored rocks around it forming in a circle. And beautiful strange colored starfishes scatted around in the water, and the water is so clear you can see the bottum. And the water is reflecting the full moon which causes everything to glow a soft blue. And the moon is only shown halfway, so you know that that in a few hours the moon will be completly over-head.
  13. "Wow." You say. "Yup." Alex says. "So this is were we're training." "Yes, ma'm." You're still a bit stunned at the veiw of everything. "So what do we do first." "Okay this is gonna sound boring but first you to learn how to control water, because no matter how how calming water looks, it's probualy one of the most fast and dangerous thing in the world." "How so?" "Watch, see that small water fall?" You turn towards it, and nod. "How strong does it look from a scale of 1 to 10?" You look at it and it's gentle from what you can see. "Umm, 3." "Okay, walk into it." You're confused but you know he's teaching you something. You walk towards it but don't go under it, you put your hand out, and it instintly drops you to the floor on your face. You stay there, and mumble "Ow." alex helps you up. "Okay that was diffenitly a 10." He smiles. "Exactly." "So what are you trying to show me?" "That even though it looks harmless, it could kill you."
  14. You do a poker face "It's nice to know that water could kill me..." He laughs "Okay now we can get to thw good stuff." He says cheerfully while jumping into the water. You follow him and kinda splash him. "Sorry." "It's all good but you better watch out because two can play at that game." He says with a mischievous smile. You widen your eyes "hey! I said sorry so please PLEASE don't splash me." "Okay" "pinky promise?" He curls his pinky around yours "Pinky promise."
  15. "Okay first off we're gonna learn how to make a whip-like thing." You think abut it for a moment. "Whip-like thing?" He sticks his tongue out at you "don't judge the name is too long and weird for me to say it right." "Okay okay, not judging." He smiles and starts to walk a little to the side of the pool. "Watch closely." He closes his eyes and starts inhaling and exhaleing slowly then with his right hand puts it in front of him and starts slowly putting up and down moving his wrist in the direction his hand was going and then little by little water started rising then when it was about 5ft tall Alex quickly turned it into an incomplete wavy circle around him and and he quickly twirled it and cut right threw a few rocks and the whip is moving so fast all you can see is small flashes here and there. Then finally it dives in the water with only a perfect small splash following itinto the water
  16. You stand there excited to learn something new. "Dude that was amazing." You say looking at him in admiration. "Thank you, it just comes naturally." He says a bit too proud. "Okay now its your turn." He says trying to make stand right. "Let go of me I got this." You say confident. His eyes widen, "No no no, let me take you threw the steps orelse your gonna hurt your face and trust me its not worth it." You stick your tongue out at him. "Fine." He stands close to you, "Okay now breath in and out slowly." You do it. "Good now just feel the water at your feet feel the push and pull of it, hear the water at your side, what do you hear?" You closely listen to the water and you could hear the small music like patterns in it, kinda like a small lullaby. "It's a song." You whisper as you listen closer. You're so hypnotized by the beauty of the song you HAVE to know the sorce of the song.
  17. **ALEX'S P.O.V** "______ what the hell are you doing?" I shout as I run in the water, she is some how sinking slowly into the water. And I gotta tell you this water is not THAT deep. I grab her ARM but she's as hard as a rock. I pull and tug but nothing is happening. I try shouting but that isn't working either. Holy crap now her body is almost completely gone! I Need more power! I look up at the moon its almost directly overhead, come on... It's only a few seconds away from coming. "No!" I shout as I try to pull her out again. Then I feel it, the power and the strength, I mind my hands upwards in a vertical position and push. The water freezes and comes up and now looks like little rain drops frozen onto place, and I see ________ there in dryish mud unconscious. I pull her out and put her on the rock and out of the way of the water, for some reason I quickly glance to my right and I swear I see a pair of icy blue eyes but I'm too worried about _____ to think about that. I put the water back and start to cheaking if she's breathing.
  18. **YOUR P.O.V** You open your eyes to the feeling of someone compressing your chest. You finally breath and it feels like the first breath of fresh air in forever. You start coughing and see Alex looking down at you with wet shaggy black hair that's dripping a few dots on your face and a worried expression on his face. "You alive?" He asks. You frown, "No I'm dead..." You widen your eyes, "I must be heaven." You gasping sarcastically. He smiles, "Welcome back." "Well its not like I was ever gone." You say standing off. "I was gonna have panic attack because of your weirdness you almost drowned. So be thankful I was here." He says smiling. You look around and realize how late it is. "Shouldn't we be heading back?" You look at the beautiful full moon peacefully reflecting its blue light at everything. Alex gets up and huge you, he kisses you on your neck "I think we can stay a bit longer." He gently whispers, you get goosebumps by the sudden warmth of his breath on your skin. "Well maybe just a little longer." You say in a dreamy voice. "Thought so."
  19. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Hey guys:) ik its been a while and you're like "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!" But I've been miserable without a computer D: and school started and you know stuff:) well anywho comment rate or whatever

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