Forever and Always pt.15

Hey guys welcome to Part 15 of my Forever and Always series!! Gish took me long enough huh? Lol But anywho I hate to get this part done! And Jason Fans.... Be warned.

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and compassionate. Cam: A bit taller then you, jet black hair, exotic green eyes(Sometimes glow) natural red lips, and you can't quite label him:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Okay recap: You train with Nick, and Jason reminds you about the people that are following you. Now you and Jason are going to get some answers.
  2. On the way down the stairs with Jason, you wonder if the guys noticed you leaving. You smile remembering training with Nick and also what Alex did to Chris. Now that you think of it you haven't seen Cam in a while. You wonder why he always just dissapears. But you have to get your head straight because you have no idea what's going to happpen or who is going to be there.
  3. On the elevator you started thinking twice about the people you're looking for. "Jason?" Yes looks at you. "What do you think will happen? I mean what will we do?" You ask. "I don't know but we do have to find out who or what those people are, we're only going to spy on them and not do anything dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt." He says looking at you. Before you can say anything else the elevator door opens. It's only sunset outside so theres quite a few people. The building is right across the street, so all you have to walk to the desserted, creepy building. Beofore you know it you're right in front of it. You hold to Jasons hand because you're a little scarred. 'Here goes nothing.' Then you open the door.
  4. You cough a little cuz of the dust. You're holding on to Jason's hand really tight, and you scoot a bit more closer to him. "Last we saw them, they were on the 5th floor, looks like we're walking up there. But stay close." As the both of you walk closer to stairs it starting to get really dark. Then Jason pulls out a lighter and lights it up. You look around and it's dusty, and full of cobwebs. The place gives off an eire feeling. "This is the perfect place for a horror movie." You whisper trying to ease the feeling instead you scare yourself and hold on to Jason. He smiles, and hugs you from the side. You feel better. On the rest of the way up the both of you stay quiet. When you're half-way there for some reason you look at the lighter, then you notice something on Jason's wrist, You look more closely at it and it says in simple tatoo the number 18.
  5. Before you can say anything, he says "We're here, but it looks like no one is home. Looks like we're gonna have to wait a while." He leads to you to a old bedroom and he sits on the chair, you sit next to him on the floor. He gets up "Here sit down on the chair." 'Such a gentlemen' you think you thank him and sit on the chair, while he sits on the floor. "Jason?" "Yea?" He says while looking at you in the eyes with his soft green eyes. "What's that 18 on your wrist?" He looks down at his wrist. "I had a older brother and well we where a bit stupid, so yea." He says smiling. "Oh thats cool, where is he?" He stops smiling, "He's gone, not dead but did something and we got in a fight so there goes that." You feel sorry for him. "What's your brothers name?" "I don't really want to talk about it, if you don't mind.." He says looking down at the floor. "It's fine, I was just curious. Whats your sisters name?" He smiles, "Her name is Jasmin, we're not really related. We met when I was on my own, she's like my sister. I've always been there for her, and she needed someone and I was there and we were always laughing, she's a fun girl. To tell you the truth she had a bit of a crush on me but too young, but that didn't make things awkward but I still see her like a little sister." When he said she had a crush on him that made you a bit jealous but then he said that she was too young you were happy. "She sounds like an amazing girl." You say "Not as amazing as a girl I met not that long ago." He says smiling at himself. You become curious and extremly jealous, you sit down next to him slowly. "What is she like?" You say bit to feriously. He keeps smiling. "She absoulutly beautiful, she could be a dork and it's cute. I actually talked to her this morning." You become furious because you assum he talked to her on the phone after you talked with him. "Well, what's her name?" You say accidently with a bit too much anger. He chuckeles. "_____." He says smiling. "Great, now she has the same name as me?" You say flustered. He laughs and shakes his head. "It's you silly." He says still laughing. You mentaly face-palm yourslef. "Im so stupid." You say blushing and looking down with embarasment. He gently puts his hand on top of yours, you look back up at him still embarrased and look into his soft green eyes. "Like I said a bit dorky but cute." He says smiling.
  6. You smile and the both of you continue to stare into each others eyes. He puts his hand on your cheek, and starts carressing your face with his thumb. He starts leaning in and looks hesitant to kiss you, he goes in slowely, he closes his eyes and you close your eyes too, You feel him breathing and it smells like lavender, your lips bearly brush against eachothers then you hear footsteps from outside the door and get into panic mode. He's the first one to get up and he closes the door and takes your hand and the both of you sit next to the door.
  7. The both of you sit there quiet as can be. You here a few people gather. "Why have you called us master?" One of them says. "I have called you all to say and old 'friend' has noticed us. We all know what for." "He did? What for?" "We shall see.." Then they become quiet. Then another pair of foot steps starts walking towards them. "Ah Cameron, I didn't see you there." "Sorry, but I prefer Mr.Briel." 'Wait, Cameron? Cam. Cameron?' You think getting confused. "Why so angry old friend?" "We had a deal." "Yes, I know we had a deal that we had to leave her alone, but she is one of them and you nor any of us expected for her to be the ONE." "But we made a deal for you to leave her alone." "I am curious, but why? Is it that you lov-"One of them laughs. "We all know that it's nearly impossible for you to have that emotion, and what happend after lillith? I doubt-""Unless the girl shows interest to you...?" They say.
  8. 'Cameron' stays quiet. "So she does show interest... But at the end she'll have to go. WE had a deal that you show no one the power." The main one says. "There is always a way around it. So you can't stop me." He says with certainty in his voice. "How weak Love makes you, stupid thing to say." Then all the sudden an arm goes through the wall where your at and grabs you and pulls you out by the neck. You look around and see the person named Cameron. Cam. He looks suprised then he looks angry and his eyes start to glow again. Before anything else can happen, Jason runs out and starts useing his power to blow the people away, one of them is about to stab him till he stands straight and his eyes start to glow, not the regualar soft green eyes of his but the Intence green eyes like Cam. Then one of them shouts "It's no use kill the girl now!"
  9. Another guy pulls out a gun and points it at you. Then Cam stands in front of the guy, and stares at him. Not even a spit-second later he falls to the ground with his eyes wide open and his eyes look like ash. The person is still holding you and choking you to death, then Jason pushes him towards the wall and you could finally breath. It looks like all the guys are gone. Cam is just standing there with eyes still glowing looking at nothing, you go up to him and gently place your hand on his shoulder he tightly closes his eyes and when opens them they're back to the normal still exotic green. You have so many things going through your head you can't find the right words how you feel. You turn to Jason and he smiles then falls down the floor with a knife sticking out his back and blood everywhere and one of the cloaked figures stnding were he stood. "Now, let's get back to bussiness."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Gosh Im so super tired this was not how things were planned but I thought 'This will be too predictable' Im sorry I had to do it, I know Jason Fans are going crazy and going to strangle me to death, but please don't I love my neck and don't worry he isn't dead!...yet.

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