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This is Floop’s Floop Quiz! I’m Floop. This quiz is all about weird words and what they mean. But there are other possible meanings to the word, and you have to guess the correct meaning,

All of the words used in this quiz are real words, not words made up by Floop. Some of the meanings of the words might blow your mind! But all Floop Quizzes have to be floopy.

Created by: Floop

  1. What does “patippy” mean?
  2. What does “pencilwhopidoopiponda” mean?
  3. What does “toopinow” mean?
  4. What kind of toy is a “quackerplunger”? (Hint: Not a toilet plunger)
  5. What kind of animals are “cloinkpoops”?
  6. A lot of people love “zoinkfaloinkadoink”, they just don’t know that. They don’t know “zoinkfaloinkadoink” is what they call......
  7. What was the ”woozly”?
  8. “Boopboopery” is what?
  9. No, this has nothing to do with animals. If you “panda-pig”, you’re doing what?
  10. If Jooper has “papowponda” she does what?

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