What kind of word am I?

what word are you?? want to know? well you should want to know. There are so many words, they are all different. Some may sound the same but have different meanings.

well here we go again.. just writing and writing. Not knowing what I'm writing about but I gotta do it so my friends can take this. My friends. yes that is nice

Created by: Your mom
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to color?
  2. When your mad, you mostly use words like...
  3. If you could see the future, and it was not so pleasant would you change it?????....
  4. You see a child on the street crying and holding her/his knee. What is your first reaction?
  5. What word pleases you most..
  6. If you were recently married 3 times and are currently in a relationship would you get engaged????
  7. A grocery store is to eating as Barbie is to...
  8. Which best describes your personality...
  9. Damn This quiz...
  10. When You took the "How ghetto am I quiz" What did you score?

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