Do You Know the Word?

The Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword. Many details are hidden in the text of the Word for us to uncover. How much of a person of the Word are you? Take this quiz and find out.

I love the Word and think all of it is to teach us something about the Author or ourselves. Maybe as you take this quiz you will find out about the One who wrote the Word or more about yourself.

Created by: slow to speak
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  1. Where was Gideon when the Angel came to him?
  2. Which disciple did Jesus choose to care for his mother?
  3. Who called Samuel back from the dead?
  4. Who was stabbed in the head with a tent peg?
  5. Which disciples were called the "sons of thunder"?
  6. What three items was Laodicea famous for selling?
  7. On which boat was Paul sailing when he was shipwrecked?
  8. To what Priesthood does Jesus belong?
  9. Who's mother came to Jesus to ask favor for her sons?
  10. Which one of these people were warned in a dream?
  11. Which Woman poured oil on Jesus' body before his burial?
  12. How many years did David reign in Judah before he was king of all Israel?
  13. Which prophet called the local rich women cows?
  14. Who sacrificed the first thing that came from his house to the Lord after a winning battle?
  15. Purim is a holiday related to us in what book of the Bible?
  16. What was Peter's son's name?
  17. John is credited with how many books of the Bible?
  18. Which disciple was exiled to an Island?

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