Five Nights At Freddys 2? Quiz

Before FnaF get ever more famous, Scott started to develop FnaF 2. But. Do you know all about the new game that gonna be launched? I think yes. (Look at trailer)

Now, we gonna make you brain work hard to get a 100% in this quis and get a free pass at Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria! Enjoy the madness in this thing. (Yeah.)

Created by: Luis Henrique

  1. What happened to the old animatronics?
  2. There are no doors, but what you have to defend yourself?
  3. Do the Pirate Cove get diferent?
  4. Do the protagonist is the same?
  5. How many animatronics in the game?
  6. How some old animatronics enter your office?
  7. There are more cí¢meras that in the other game?
  8. Foxy runs in this game. But how?
  9. And "Foxie"? How "she" get in your office?
  10. And.... What the new animatronics look like?

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