How good would your FNaF fangame be?

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Learn to make a FNaF fan-game like a boss by really thinking about these following questions. Get your score and find out what you need to fix, and what can stay.

Can you learn to make a Scott Cawthon worthy fan-game, like Emil Macko's Five Nights at Candy's? Or my (currently non-existent) Five Nights at Monty's?

Created by: Christian Meeks

  1. What would your game be called?
  2. What would your objective be?
  3. What would your backstory be?
  4. What would your main character be?
  5. What would your "secret character" be?
  6. How many animatronics would there be?
  7. Would you make any sequels?
  8. What would you make it on/in?
  9. Would you have any hacks or cheats?
  10. Would you put it on mobile download (Android, iPhone)?
  11. Would it be free or priced? (Computer download)

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Quiz topic: How good would my FNaF fangame be?