First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 5

This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but it starts in sixth grade just to tell you. And you don't even have to answer any of the questions. Please don't leave until you've taken the whole thing to decide whether or not you'll stay tuned.

Please take your time to take it, you might be thinking, "great, another love story on gotoquiz," but it might actually be worthwhile. It's not all just on love. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: 54packers

  1. The school didn't sell fudge, but they did sell fudge chunky cookies. Each were 50 cents. You have a dollar. You go up to the snack bar which was open during lunch and purchase two, one for you and one for Mandy. You ask her if she signed up for any sports. She shakes her head. "Sports are dumb," she says. Which you totally disagree and say, "This is why she contact each other and keep each other updated." "Well, you're the one without a phone," said Mandy.
  2. You nod and say, "It's not too late though..." "Nah, don't wanna join sports. I've got choir next, you have band?" she asks. "No, gym today. Band tomorrow." "Sucks for you, there's three gym teachers. One teaches sixth and eighth, one teaches seventh and eighth and the other one teaches sixth and seventh. They say that the one who teaches sixth and eighth is a killer man.
  3. He murders kids by making them go over the top. If you don't pay him direct attention, he tells you, "gimme twenty," said Mandy in a gruff voice. You laugh. "Hey, there's nothing funny about this guy, he grinds the strength out you. Good thing my scheduale says MRS. Vausen. What does yours say?" "Well, I think it said Mrs. Fillener or something..." you say.
  4. "Oh hey, I gotta get back to my locker, forgot my gym shirt," you say as you run back. Mandy nods and goes off to search for the choir room. You keep walking and then realized you forgot where your locker was. You panicked again. You've gotten lost four times already. Where was your locker? You somehow ended up in the seventh grader's hall. You knew it was seventh grader's hall because the kids here were taller than you. Eighth grade was upstairs, these had to be seventh. But at the moment they seem so... tall and... big. You were totally lost.
  5. And scared. And then you see something. Your stomach and heart doubles over. Did those two people just... kiss? In school? Right there smack dab in the middle of the crowd. You froze and watched them. It's like they planned to meet there right by the seventh grade house doors. The guy gives the girl a sly smile as she blushes and turns around to her class. He grabs her again and kisses her one more time before leaving his own way like they didn't know each other. You couldn't believe what you just saw. Seventh graders. Creepy.
  6. Later in study hall hour, the school's police man Officer Dan was called to your study hall class to answer questions that new sixth graders had. He explained the rules and expactations and then saw to any question somebody had. "Alright, you over there, red hair? What's your name?" he asks. "Becca," she answers and then asks her question. "What if there's kissing in the halls?" You gag. A few "Ewws" were heard here and there.
  7. "Well... if that were to happen-" starts Officer Dan. Which it did, you think to yourself. "-then we'd tell them that Ok, we're glad that you like each other, but please don't do that in school." A few giggles from the girls were heard. You turn around to see your classmates. Right behind you was Ryan Brunner and he wasn't even paying attention. He was sharpening his pencil and murmering "Darn it!" when it kept breaking off. After Officer Dan left, the pencil was a stub. During the whole study time, he was sharpening a new pencil. The noise was irritating. That noise, zshh, zshh, zshh. Constant and annoying.
  8. You turn around and eyeball him. He wasn't looking at you. His pencil was half of its original size. You groan to yourself and turn around. Zshh, zshh, zshh. You couldn't take it anymore. You take out one of your fifty pencils and slam it onto his desk. "Here, use this," you say as you take the pencil and sharpener out of his hands. He looks up at you. Innocent, clearest hazel eyes ever.
  9. "Oh, thanks," he says. You chuck the pencil to the bottom of the trash bin and then you look at the blade. It was dull. You turn over the blue sharpener. It said, Ryan Brunner 5th grade. You stare at the kid. Fifth grade? Seriously? What a dummy. He never gave the pencil back. You never asked him to either. 49 pencils
  10. You miss your bus. It was the first one to leave. You call your mom in the office and then run outside to wait for your ride. But then you go back inside the bathroom to wash your hands again. Mandy colored all over your arms. On the way into the bathroom you run into someone. Crash into someone landing right next to them. "Hey! Watch where you're going b-" You guys were inside the restroom, the door closed. A boy. You screamed.
  11. "AHHHHHHH! YOU PERVERT! PERVERT! PERVERT!" "Hey, shut up there will ya?" he says smirking. He was the guy from this morning."PERVERT!" "Hey, take a look outside, isn't it the other way around?" he asks. "Huh?" you ask and look at the sign in front of the restroom. Boys. You cover your mouth, but your eyes were wide. He snickers. "Wow," he says, "Are you always crashing into people and never reading your signs?" he asks.
  12. "SHUT UP!" you shout and shove him. He laughs. "C'mon Erin, need me to show you where the girls restroom is? When I said if you needed help around the school come ask me, but I didn't think it'd be this serious," he laughs again. You stomp to the girls restroom and scrub off the marker on your arms. You come out and run into him again. "Now, you really are a pervert," you tell him.
  13. "Creepy stalker," you murmer. "Whoa, who's the stalker here?" he says as he follows you out. "Well, who stalks me nearly into the girls restroom, stalks me to my first hour, follows me out here, and knows my name?" you demand. "Hey, I helped you get to your first hour and you totally freaked, you crash into me five times a day, stalking me probably, and I ain't followin you, I'm walkin home. Plus I know your name because I read your scheduale, dummy," he says.
  14. "You missed the bus didn't you?" he asks. "Looks like you did too," you snap back. "No, I made the decision to walk home, if I take a ride to all of my destinations, then I'll get out of shape and I wanna do sports. And you're the first one to know how good shape I'm in," he says that last line with a sarcasticness to it. "No, I don't," you say, "You're late for the bus, you're not working out." "Don't lie, Erin. You liked feeling my abs. You LIKED it," he says.
  15. "I DO NOT!" you screech. He laughs. You bop him on his head. "I washed my hands fifteen times after that!" He laughs again, "Bet you don't have much curves either." "SHUT UP!"

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